radio silence!

By amy ~ November 29th, 2018 @ 9:17 pm

Well on and off, anyway! For the unaware – and I ought really to have posted somewhere about this before now – the local phone mast which has currently been in various states of knackered for over a week is still not fixed, nobody seems to know when it will be fixed, and since I’d assumed it was a temporary blip and would maybe go on for half a day at the most it didn’t occur to me to really dig my heels in on the one occasion I managed to get through to somebody at O2 on the Live Chat. Bollocks, then.

This means (and with apologies to anybody who has been trying to get through and still not managed, another reason why I should have done this a week ago) that whilst the signal is intermittent and it’s not a complete dead loss, I can’t rely on my phone working well enough to take an incall booking from anybody who hasn’t visited previously; even if you get through the first time you’re going to need directions over the phone when you arrive and as we all know, that isn’t how our imperfect world works (and nor is my standing around in the street approaching random blokes and asking them if they’re waiting for Amy, although I’ll admit it crossed my mind). And all that is assuming that your phone will be working, which it quite possibly won’t be.

Since texts are getting through at least as and when, anybody who knows where they’re going is welcome to declare their interest although taking into account the above I (not unreasonably, considering) won’t be hanging about at my flat looking at an on/off phone screen, so I’d suggest doing it in good time. It’s Christmas in less than a month after all, and the chance to get caught up on a few long-avoided domestic jobs around the place before the tree goes up and I head off to London on the 18th hasn’t done me any harm at all even if my bank account is looking a touch on the scrappy side. And the peace and tranquility is very nice indeed, a little like the blissful few days after a Vivastreet ad expires.

To be fair, any kicking the bank account has taken is largely down to the Black Friday sales – my American Express card is looking particularly revitalised, having had plenty of fresh air and exercise over the last week or so. In terms of usefulness and practicality, my eventual haul included (amongst other things including a pair of shiny new Gazelles and enough skincare to last me the rest of my life) pretty much all my London hotel reservations for the next six months, so whilst I won’t post details here yet, 2019 awaydays are very much in hand even if nothing else about it is looking too promising at the moment. At least if the country is going to hell in a handbasket come April, I’ll have room service and a pool; anybody who wants to join in will be more than welcome.

Song Of The Week reflects another of this weeks bargain buys; as anybody who has ever seen me outside will know, I never go anywhere without my headphones (why would I?) and as luck would have it, my very favourite audio people Teufel were having a flash sale where I managed to pick up a bargain replacement for my much-missed Sennheiser Momentum ones – woohoo! On went the headphone testing playlist including this 90’s classic.

More soon! As the vigilant will have spotted the Christmas page is now up too, so everybody knows where they are – this is the last year for the old picture too, I promise. I may even change it sooner than that…

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