I was dreaming when I wrote this…

By amy ~ January 1st, 2019 @ 12:26 pm

…well maybe not quite, but I did start the writing yesterday with the best of intentions before being waylaid by the New Year household jobs; tidying up, clearing all the laundry and taking on the bits of Christmas tree in the carpet with Henry being priority, followed by more leftovers management and some cheesecake construction for later today. Happy New Year!

It’s been a calm and tranquil week as befits any holiday and I even managed to briefly drag myself down to the flat on Friday after the few days off, an achievement of which I was especially proud when those days had involved nothing more taxing than lying on the settee watching Christmas films and eating anything that wasn’t nailed down. I’ve also just noticed that Muppet Christmas Carol is on Film4 again in ten minutes – yay! Double yay in fact, since I melted my brain over the weekend playing with the new Black Mirror episode and it badly needs a spa day.

New Year Resolutions have always seemed a bit of a pointless exercise to me (and publicly showboating about them like a virtue-signalling twat even more so) but I will be endeavouring to carry on the good work (yoga, running, cooking from scratch) and less of the bad (sugar free Lilt, bad posture in cinema seats, staying in bed until past midday at weekends) and today also starts No Spend 2019 – no new anything bar necessities and using up the mountain of accumulated stuff that I already have will be the mantra for as long as I can keep it up. Everybody makes their own No Spend rules and writing mine out properly is a job for later today (so that they may grace the fridge door in the usual football tournament wallchart spot), but I’m looking forward to my first trip to the library in months already! Further details can be provided for anybody who fancies joining in, and please be assured that this doesn’t mean reusing condoms.

Back to it in the morning for the rest of the week before hurtling back to the capital on Sunday – it’s almost like I never went away, but the quick turnaround brings the advantage of requiring no more than a straightforward unpack-wash/refill-repack after my (entirely understandable) haste to get home ten days ago meant nothing got properly put away anyway; most of the things in the suitcase only require refilling and putting straight back in and some not even that. I will be pitching up at Waterloo for a few days and whilst I’m expecting the pace to be a little more sedate to allow for some planned (free!) extra curricular stuff, I will be keeping company as usual from early doors until I get fed up and switch my call blocker on, which is probably not helpful, but at least it’s honest.

The first Song Of The Week for 2019 was likely everybody’s Song Of The Week twenty years ago, despite actually being released in 1982 (I think, and I still have my vinyl copy of it) but more importantly, it framed yesterday evening’s blissful kitchen disco alongside The Reflex by Duran Duran and other classics of the age whilst I tidied the fridge and did slightly panicky laundry lest I forgot the rules and stuck the machine on today. Another one who will be missed.

More soon! Happy New Year to all once again, and it’s definitely time for pancakes; I should also apologise for the (very) lazy picture accompaniment, but it’s been that sort of week…

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