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By amy ~ June 30th, 2020 @ 9:31 am

And an apology for those who were wanting to book towards the back end of last week, but even with an air-conditioned flat (thank God) the weather called a halt to doing anything but the bare minimum workwise in favour of getting outdoors to walk around in flip flops complaining about the heat.

In the meantime, the call I have been waiting for has finally come – admittedly not the one from the useless thundercunts at Santander about the bounceback loan I applied for some eight weeks ago so I could ‘quickly access emergency cash to support my business via a simple online form’ – but my hairdresser! My last visit was in mid-February so while it’s not a complete trainwreck, it’s definitely a matter of some urgency after last week’s sun especially and whilst I’ve managed the barnet as best I could, the relief is almost chewable. Given that my first visit in April 2019 took me fifteen years to work up to, nobody was more surprised than me that when the call finally came, the appointment was booked and the waiting started I was practically incoherent with joy, and I’m even looking forward to the walk up to Brick Lane on Saturday.

The news does mean that I’ll be in London for another weekend and it seems only right and proper that some side-plans be made; a list of things that are running out has been composed (and fingers crossed that Deciem is open), an itinerary planned (ditto Rokit Vintage, source of the very nice pink floral face mask I have for travelling now it’s too hot for my homemade-pyjama one) and various menus are being mulled over – Beigel Bake and the street food at Brick Lane Market are both looking likely assuming that sitting in the food hall with Kung Po chicken is on the approved list (and if it isn’t, there’s always the park after the graffiti alley). This is likely to be my last weekend in town for a while too, so anybody who may been tentatively planning a Saturday visit, now is the time to do it.

The settling-back-down continues apace, and with the news that FrightFest has been moved to October I can stop panicking about stumping up for a pass next weekend; Dead By Dawn has also jumped back to November necessitating another Edinburgh trip before Christmas – it’s a long way off, but a bit of forward planning never hurts and given that the London Film Festival ought to hopefully run to schedule, the Autumn onwards looks very promising indeed. Even Christmas is being tentatively planned, but admittedly more for something fun to think about for a change (likewise no concrete reopening date from the Prince Charles Cinema as yet, but I have no doubt they’ll be on the way).

Getting back to the present and a little less ahead of ourselves, I will be in London as usual until Friday week and then back home to have another try at a few hours on the beach after being thwarted this last weekend by thunder, lightening and pouring rain from pretty much an hour or so after I got back; since I forgot to bring my Factor 50 back with me it’s probably for the best. Plenty of summer left yet!

This weeks’ Song of the Week features Melle Mel and a lot of mopeds, and always makes me smile. The cycle path work here in the City (and likely everywhere else in town) is cracking on relentlessly, and whilst like so many things it’ll be lovely when it’s finished, the buses are stuffed. Do let me know if you’re using public transport to get here as the one way system between Monument and Bank is another rare delight at the moment if you’re planning on braving the Northern Line after you leave – as ever, there are ways (mopeds!)

Anyone who fancies getting in while my hair is still touchable would be well advised to do so in the next few days – I can’t guarantee your continued wellbeing if you maul it after the weekend. Fortunately mauling-wise, the rest of me is still here (and doesn’t mind at all).

More soon…

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2 Responses to what the world is waiting for…

  1. Tanbir

    Nice write-up!

    While I am trying to repress memories of me paying £12.50 for overpriced cereal at some hipstery cereal joint at Brick-Lane – I do remember eating some nice Bombay biryani at a restaurant, there.

  2. amy

    Well that would be Cereal Killer, which I only know because I walked past it one day, Googled out of curiosity and dismissed the whole thing as a bit of Charlie Brooker mischief like the Bandersnatch shop at Old Street station which had appeared around the same time. Sadly they’re another place who have had to close, but less sadly their online shop is open here https://www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk/shop/

    Now I just have to decide between Dinosaurus and Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.


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