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By amy ~ April 19th, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

I have today been gently and politely (and not unexpectedly) prodded by my handsome accountant – it’s soon time to send in the figures! I am of course very meticulous, and have been quietly beavering away adding up totals and filling in little boxes for hours now. As you will know, I regularly enjoy whole weeks of flitting from place to place meeting exciting new friends and seeing new locations, but having just spent a nice leisurely week ensconced at home with proper toast, Hollyoaks and my own bed (for a change) it has not been a chore to get these organised and I can now work on my excuses/reasons for spending so much on ‘business’ clothing with leisurely grace.

As I ploughed through the envelopes of receipts it was with nothing less than utter horror that I realised I have spent, in one month (February 2008 to be exact) almost £100 on the sort of paper-clad train-station-concourse coffee* that smells very nice but never tastes anything like it should, froths and spills out of the ridiculous hole in the lid when you grasp the container (I can’t bring myself to call it a cup) and stays hot for so long you end up carrying it around with you all day like a lap dog. Stricly speaking, not all of this princely sum went on coffee – I’m leaving out the ham and cheese baguettes which cost just shy of £4 (Upper Crust at King’s Cross), midsize plastic-box salads at close to £5 (I’m talking to you, Simply Foods) and the bargain of the lot, Burger King (£1.99 at Manchester Piccadilly for a tiny bacon sandwich, but the counter boy was not only extremely deft and neat with the ketchup/paper wrapping, but very sweet.)

In the light of these expenditures, it would appear I shall have to economise a little. From now on, those of you familiar with the sight of my trusty red wheely-suitcase will notice that it’s capacity for toys, games and inexhaustible changes of outfit has been lightly reduced to make way for a nice packed lunch and possibly a flask.


* for any other inquiring minds who may be interested in the inexorable rise of overpriced corporate coffee, I can highly recommend a book; ‘The Undercover Economist’ by Tim Harford (who also writes the economics column in the FT). It’s really very good and has held my interest many a night when no gentlemen have been keeping me more gainfully occupied.

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