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By amy ~ June 22nd, 2008 @ 8:19 am

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking (etc, etc) I would like to thank everyone (including some charming people whom I have not even met yet!) who was concerned enough to contact me about the poor fool who saw fit to hack my website earlier this week – your kindness is very much appreciated (some people do take rejection so personally, don’t they?) Needless to say, my fabulous web lady soon fixed everything and whilst one can never say never, it all looks shipshape again and I am looking forward to hopefully adding some new photos soon; as some of you know I have been planning a shoot to take place as soon as I am ensconced within my new residence (moving date pending).

As it turned out, no real harm appears to have been done and indeed my trip to Dublin was punctuated at reassuringly regular intervals with email and telephone enquiries (my heartfelt apologies for all the unanswered calls but I was gainfully employed for the duration of my visit; I have no objections to entertaining more than one gentleman at a time, but I do insist that both of them are physically present!) I should also say that anyone planning a visit to this wonderful and welcoming city is fortunate indeed – it is a rare event that one can feel at home so quickly in a foreign country and I left with a list of things still to see and do for next time (and if anyone can explain the pavement markings which say PIG TRAP, I’ll think of a reward!) As you might expect, the Guinness brewery is a must-see, as is Clerys, a proper department store which is open until 9pm on Thursdays (unfortunately for me and my poor, long-suffering cards) and Temple Bar is well worth a look if you have problems understanding an Irish accent, being as it is populated entirely by tourists. It also boasts some of the finest and freshest food I have ever eaten – I will certainly be needing plenty of exercise over the coming few weeks! Even with the 3 hour delay to the return flight (thank God for Club class) I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I certainly hope my companion can say the same, although as we all know, everything has to end sometime and the lengthy, tiring and complicated journey home having missed my reserved train was a nuisance to say the least! I am not ashamed to admit that I had a very long lie in today and am in fact still not dressed at nearly 3 in the afternoon, although this is not particularly unusual for me and fortunately no-one ever seems to mind.

I was planning a quiet time this week, but have been so overwhelmed with enticing offers I cannot see it lasting long; after all there are only so many hours a girl can spend sans company before getting bored and fidgety! Plus, it would be extremely churlish to turn down any prospective companion who has taken the time to read my ramblings and compose a polite, timely and informative enquiry (although I have managed to delete several gems from the other end of the food chain this week without a second thought – anyone who read last weeks post will surely know what I mean!) Anyway, the remainder of today will be spent efficiently beavering away with my expense sheets, receipts from my trip and currency converter; all the unavoidable administrative tasks which take up virtually all my ‘days off’. On reflection, all work and no play is really a far more desirable state, although I do concede that it helps when they are largely one and the same thing!

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  1. Dan

    Hello Amy,
    I have read about you and review from your customers. I would like to have the pleasure of meeting you. I am visiting Whitby from the United States.
    Would like our oppointment to be an at you place. Would you please let me know if you will be available in the evening next week. I will be in Whitby for 2 weeks.


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