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By amy ~ June 27th, 2008 @ 4:15 pm

Two no-show/no-contacts in one day has left me feeling lonely (and rather foolishly attired, but we won’t go into that) again; apologies to the charming gentleman who telephoned asking if I was available for visiting this lunchtime – actually I was, but unfortunately I didn’t know this until the time came (and then went, all without so much as a poorly executed text message by way of explanation). I have nothing more to say on the matter, presumably you know who you are, and unless you change your SIM card, so do I.

Very exciting news on the property front; having become increasing despondant at the ridiculous goalpost-moving and jumping-through-of-hoops apparently required by the mortgage company, I last night decided finally that the time had come for action and after five minutes or so and about a dozen mouse-clicks had the required funds speeding their way to my bank account. I awoke this morning happy to find myself in a position to buy my lovely new flat outright, although even this will be denied me as my solicitor has now announced that he is on holiday next week, a luxury that I (single, self-employed, (working) girl about town) will be unlikely to afford myself for a while yet!

All in all though, not long to wait and I have been busying myself investigating extending the central heating system, fixing up the odd patches of damp and naturally the matter of preparing my current abode for the marketplace – I have even hired a skip (to be delivered tomorrow morning) and am ridiculously excited about this, although probably not as excited as my neighbours will be when upon its arrival, given that there is no longer a free council disposal service for any items which will not fit in a wheelie bin. This evening has been spent industriously taking on all manner of practical tasks, including tearing up carpet, moving furniture and installing a new toilet seat – as some of you have seen, I am very enthusiastic about DIY, although I am always happy to let my guests lend a hand if requested (and equally happy to reciprocate and even clean up afterwards). Unfortunately the current state of play is that my living room, whilst never what one would call gracious, now resembles a particularly bleak set from the sort of earnest kitchen sink drama popular during the Thatcher years (which coincidentally is very much as our house looked during the same miserable period).

By next time I am hoping to have a definite date for you (or at least an idea!), although like us all, the poor neglected place does need a bit of attention first. In the spirit of this, anyone who is feeling in a similar state should get in touch as soon as possible – my July is shaping up to be busy once agan and I will be taking the necessary time off to move (although my visiting service will still be available as and when possible). Hopefully I will soon be entertaining some of you in rather more splendid and salubrious surroundings than at present; and to those who frankly don’t care one way or the other, you almost certainly haven’t been here yet; if so I salute you! And just to be on the safe side, don’t take your shoes off downstairs.


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