signed, sealed, delivered (nearly)

By amy ~ July 4th, 2008 @ 9:45 am

Good news! Following last weeks’ efforts and much (admittedly unladylike) badgering and pushiness this week, I can confirm that contracts have been exchanged and I am expecting to complete on my new flat on the 23rd. I aim to move shortly afterwards and even this very afternoon have been busily packing up boxes of books (and shortly afterwards unpacking them again, as I have found I am nowhere near strong enough to lift a box of books – surprise surprise). My current residence is starting to look decidedly shabby as last weeks skip-filling has taken it’s toll and I have found myself this week rather shamefacedly explaining to new visitors that it really does not always look like this!

So I have had a pleasant week all round and met some lovely friends old and new – the weather here is truly glorious and seems to have placed all in buoyant mood, although as the weather and thus my lovely boudoir have been reaching some very high temperatures this week, I imagine that my impending move will be particularly welcome – the wet room especially! Casualty of the week has been my long-suffering washing machine, which has undoubtedly served me well but eventually spun it’s last on Sunday afternoon. A few last lurching, tortuous shakes of the drum left me with a large metal box full of water and towels to deal with and so upon it’s removal and the delivery of my spanking-new Zanussi yesterday morning I have been industriously catching up on linens and such – thank God I have the space to hang things out (although some of my more personal items naturally remain indoors to – as you know I am extremely fussy about who is on familiar terms with my delicates).

Needless to say, I am curtailing my usual travels over the next few weeks to orchestrate my move but am still looking forward to a few upcoming assignations which will whisk me briefly from Scarborough and keep me busy long enough to take my mind off all things domestic – the value of these will doubtless become more and more apparent over the coming few days and I am very much looking forward to relaxing and washing my hands of it all, albeit temporarily! Even only a couple of hours in today I find that I have had frankly enough of cardboard boxes and the aroma of marker pen – I have instead decided that a break is called for – M&S chocolate pudding and a nap on the settee until Hollyoaks (guaranteed to leave me refreshed and ready for anything, which with the weekend fast approaching, may turn out to be just as well).

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2 Responses to signed, sealed, delivered (nearly)

  1. Escort Directory

    good luck with the move hope it all goes smoothly

  2. Jon

    Hi Amy, hope to see you in your new abode very soon ! Any update on the earlybird discount ? lol x


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