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By amy ~ August 1st, 2008 @ 3:39 am

Apologies to all for the delay in posting – I write from my potentially gracious and elegant new living room (thanks to my spanking-new Home Hub, I could also be writing from my bath, kitchen, bed or even staircase apparently, but as with most things have decided to walk before I run). I am currently surrounded by still-to-unpack cardboard boxes containing my scant belongings and shoes, the wall colour is as evil as I remember it but at last I am in and can again begin making plans for more enjoyable activities, although my diary for August is filling up fast and I will be quite worn out if the current hot weather stays with us!

My trip to Edinburgh was a welcome, if very badly timed respite to the madness – I will refrain from discussing Tom Waits himself, as anyone who was present at the Playhouse will know, his performance defies review or even frankly, description. However, I can say that even twice the ticket price would have been worth every penny, and I can only hope that Mr Waits enjoyed himself enough to come back one day!

In response to my latest comment – I will be introducing ‘early bird’ rates for breakfast-time half hour meetings soon, as anything which requires me to get out of bed before the clock reaches double figures will be something of a boon – I am not by nature lazy (and probably spend more than enough time in bed as it is) but am becoming something of a night owl of late and will very much enjoy being up with the lark for a change (even if it results in my being back down again shortly afterwards). I anticipate that these will be for meetings between 8 and 10 am, and prebooked only (that is to say the day before at the latest, NOT requested half an hour in advance); as I’m sure you remember, we have done that one to death already so I will not bore everyone by repeating myself!

My new wet room is functioning nicely and I look forward to sharing it with visitors old and new – those of you who remember my less-than-ideal facilities at my previous abode will, I’m sure, be pleasantly surprised! Although my central heating is not yet finished and the bedrooms do currently have a faint chill, this amounts to nothing that cannot be easily fought off with a little physical effort and enthusiasm, both of which are naturally welcome during any meeting, after all! As the oven remains unusable until the professional cleaner visits next Monday morning I have availed myself of many of the local takeaways and thus will soon be needing to work the results off – any potential assistants please call or email the usual address; personal trainer qualifications will not be required.

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