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By amy ~ August 8th, 2008 @ 3:13 pm

A week on since the madness and I am thankfully feeling happy and settled in my new apartment, helped not in small part by the charming and gracious company I have entertained since my cautious return to the world of work (not that in my case this entails going particularly far, but then again my new abode is considerably larger than my former one!)

Gratitude especially is due to the very charming gentleman who not only took me to dinner – twice – when my wretched cooker was unusable, but also, on his return visit, brought a toolkit and helped me to fix my long-suffering bed together properly (in all fairness, he did also play his part in helping to break it). Special mentions must also go to anyone who has visited this week and managed not to look horrified – I have welcomed several completely new friends in the last few days and everyone has been exceptionally kind and fortunately for me, offered plenty of useful advice regarding concealing of pipework, fitted carpets, wallpaper removal and many other important home-related matters which, frankly, make my brain hurt.

I have been surprised and delighted to have had so many enthusiastic emails and pleasant telephone enquiries this week in particular, considering many of my potential companions should, in theory, be miles away in foreign climes whilst the schools are closed (Scarborough, naturally, groans under the weight of it’s own seasonal visitors, some of whom have had the fortitude to do their research and seek me out prior to their arrival, and I shall be gladly extending some hospitality to the first of these tomorrow!)

I am happily blaming the glorious weather – it is wonderful here at the moment and enough to put anyone in an especially free-spirited and tactile mood. As many of you know, I am very keen on all aspects of touching, bearing in mind that neither my hearing nor my rubbish eyesight are anything to write home about, I can at least claim to be highly developed in at least one of the five senses, and fortunately the one that is my favourite… Anyone who would like to investigate this for themselves please do get in touch – I can assure you all that I am very much (finally) back in business!

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