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By amy ~ August 14th, 2008 @ 7:46 am

Whilst the thought of being practically buried underneath an onslaught of charming gentlemen in overalls would normally fill me with delight, even I have to admit that the cracks are beginning to show and the stresses and strains of property juggling, not to mention the much-planned move itself need some rather more targeted and intensive alleviating than usual. In the spirit of this I have today conceded that enough is enough and booked myself a holiday; I will be away in the Maldives from the 8th to the 16th of September and intend to come back fully refreshed and fighting fit (actually, possibly slightly curvier as my destination island is all-inclusive but I am well aware of my callers’ enthusiasm and eagerness to help, and I am sure that any unwanted excesses will soon be banished to distant memory!)

The thought of bikini-wearing at relatively short notice does not bother me unduly and I have been certainly been called upon to wear far stranger ensembles at times, but I have had to admit that I am human and have thus regretfully decided to exercise some restraint at mealtimes, at least until my arrival at Manchester airport (not, alas, this time the wonderful Terminal 3 at Heathrow, where delays, sleep deprivation and general over-excitement led once to my being £400 lighter prior to even boarding an aeroplane, although I have to say that not all of this was spent on food and that the placing of tax-free Chanel boutiques ought to be far more carefully considered).

My new apartment is coming along slowly and as some of you have found already, boasts double the space and very pleasant facilities, although it is as yet undecorated and while there has been much optimistic talk of ‘potential’, it is naturally feeling a little bare and I am feeling slightly daunted at the amount I have yet to do in order to ensure the most calming and comfortable surroundings for myself and my visitors! My aim is to get the place looking presentable at least by Christmas, and admittedly, most of the hard work is in the choosing – being unused to having so much scope, it is far more difficult than I had anticipated to pick colour schemes and furnishings (yet another good reason to spend some of the budget on clearing the head for a week!)

I have been mulling over suitable dates to plan my next photoshoot and bearing in mind my upcoming holiday, have decided that it would be felicitous to leave it until my return. I have been gathering outfits and accessories for months now and it will thus take only limited arranging, so expect to see the results around the end of September (all being well and sunburn/scuba diving injuries notwithstanding!) I am, as ever, open to suggestion so please do feel free to request any outfits or attitudes you believe to be particularly aesthetically pleasing. Tasteful suggestions only please – and I will certainly do my utmost to oblige, likewise for any of you who should decide that only a closer look will do, this can of course be arranged and I shall look forward to indulging you very soon!

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