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By amy ~ August 24th, 2008 @ 9:51 am

A sad loss to report this week; as had been anticipated, my poor old bed has enjoyed it’s last hurrah, and whilst I am sorry to say goodbye to it, I have found a wonderful online furniture shop which took my order for a replacement on Tuesday lunchtime and delivered it for free on Wednesday afternoon (naturally I explained that this was, after all, a matter of some urgency). After a seemingly endless and frankly very undignified struggle to assemble the pieces, I am happy to report that there are no longer room for any fears of ending up on the floor, unless of course this was all part of the plan in the first place.

I have been busy again with the seemingly endless unpacking process and am glad to report that I have made excellent progress, to the point where my cardboard box mountain has shrunk to a far more manageable size and consists mainly of items I plan to relegate to either the bin, the loft or the charity bric-a-brac collection facility over the road, a very enterprising idea which I was overjoyed to discover, although I recognise that some of my unwanted items are possibly a little inappropriate for wherever these donations are likely to end up, and these have been carefully disguised with some imaginative wrapping and disposed of amongst the general waste, naturally with all batteries removed. I am, of course, very Green and like to feel I am making my contribution, an exception being the energy saving light bulbs which were in-situ upon my arrival here, which barely emitted enough of a glow to find one’s way around unaided and have been replaced forthwith with some proper, old fashioned wattage. A dim glow may be flattering, but surely still needs to illuminate it’s subjects and their surroundings enough to avoid the likelihood of contact with the emergency services.

I am looking forward to welcoming some new friends this week and anticipate a busy time before my holiday as the cricket festival begins (and payday approaches). Fortunately, many of my visitors are extremely well organised and have made their arrangements to see me well in advance so that I may organise my diary properly, and therefore make the most of not only my time off but also my time ‘on’! My upcoming trip is unlikely to require much in the way of preparation beyond the packing of books, bikinis and Factor 50+ suncream; tanning is very unhealthy and not in the slightest bit becoming to me – on the single occasion in the late 90’s I recall succumbing to peer pressure and grudging allowing a little colour to develop whilst away in Mexico, I returned looking ready for nothing more than a good wash and possibly a going-over with the wire brush. Still, I have been reassured to notice that the total (and very British) disregard for sun-damage warnings remains alive and well (having recently entertained a delightful visitor who appeared to have been painted with Cuprinol and placed under a grill) and I cannot do anything other than applaud this, I loath nannying and if people want to harm themselves at no risk to others then they are more than welcome to get on with it. I for one prefer to age gently, gracefully and without skin resembling that of a leatherback turtle, and fortunately my companions seem quite happy with this – anyone who prefers to taker the former approach is of course welcome to bring their after-sun along and I’ll see what I can do!

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