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By amy ~ September 20th, 2008 @ 8:17 am

Home! I have been astonished by the sheer numbers of kind people wishing to welcome me back in person and consequently have had a busy few days indeed! I returned to the deluge early on Wednesday morning, following a restful holiday (although a horrendous journey back) and I need only tell you this; whilst the Maldives are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful islands on Earth, I would advise anyone who plans to visit that should you not make up one half of a heterosexual couple, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time feeling as if you had unexpectedly turned green, or perhaps grown an extra head. Rarely being short of gentlemanly company in the usual run of things, I was at first touched, and then frankly irritated at the looks of sympathy/pity the sight of a single 35 year old woman seems to induce. How little they suspect! (anyway, some of these honeymooners looked miserable enough to almost tempt me out my self-enforced hiatus on compassionate grounds).

My completely paralysing terror of any water more than a foot deep unfortunately (and with tedious predictability) wiped out my hopeful ideas about learning a new watersport; however agreeable these may have turned out to be, it is clear that I am best sticking to the ones I am comfortable with – in this particular context, paddling (I am proficient at both dog and normal). An unexpected accommodation upgrade gave me not only my own beach villa, but my own small stretch of beach complete with white sand, resident (friendly) mini-sharks, palm trees and more importantly, a large four-poster bad and an all-in minibar – pictures may be viewed when visiting (mainly as my lack of computer savvy means I have not yet figured out how to add them to this).

Back at my charming new apartment I am pleased to report that all is well; my visitors agree that I am far easier to find than when occupying my former accommodation (this is newly on the market and will hopefully not be for long – no calls from the people who make the blue plaques as yet). The parking situation has definitely calmed down since the end of the school holidays and anyone calling will I’m sure be pleasantly surprised with both this and the more intimate surroundings within the building (provided they are colourblind; still not started on the decorating yet). I am again receiving many calls from gentlemen desiring that I be available at very short notice – please be aware that now, even more so than before, I have a great deal of work to do on my home and the chances of seeing me without at least a few hours warning are ZERO (unless your predilections include paint smudges, sawdust and the pervading smell of varnish).

My preparations for my new pictures on the 1st October are going well (despite a profiterole-based lapse when dining with a charming gentleman on Wednesday, but my not-entirely-scientific belief is that their consequences would have been cancelled out by the activities in the latter part of the evening so clearly no harm done) and I am looking forward to adding them to the site – I know these are being eagerly anticipated by many and I hope to have all-new galleries for you within a week!

BED UPDATE – broken again (I truly don’t know how I keep managing this!) and now properly fixed, in desperation, by me using cannibalised bits of the old bed; test run tonight at 4pm. Had no idea that DIY was so rewarding…..

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