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By amy ~ October 26th, 2008 @ 12:29 pm

Obligatory confusion this morning about what time it was upon waking; I have become increasingly used to those intelligent appliances which can spookily reset their own clocks, to the extent that the remainder can elicit such confusion that it can take a few days before all the displayed timepieces in the house are corrected. An extra hour in bed is always very welcome no matter what the circumstances, although last night I found myself wondering how an overnight assignation would be affected by the alterations; not so bad in October, but a little unfortunate in March!

I myself have taken no appointments for today as the potential for mishap (on either side) is far too great, and instead find myself industriously touching up paint here and there, putting up shelving and tidying away the tools (and clothing, sundries etc) of my trade until Tuesday in preparation for a family visit tomorrow.

The last week has been quite exhausting and a spot of battery-charging is definitely the order of the day; to this end I plan to follow my day of housework, laundry and DIY with an evening spent languishing on my behemoth of a settee in my pyjamas, watching television and eating crudités (and later, shamefully, pick-and-mix; for those who are interested, particular favourites are fizzy cola bottles, dolly mixtures and anything containing liquorice).

I am thankfully just about managing to create an atmosphere of comfort amidst the chaos, and my new wet room is proving extremely popular; to the extent that I am seriously considering purchasing a tumble-dryer to cope with the extra towels now that the weather appears to be firmly on the turn, particularly as it is a lonely place on one’s own, and thus I am always gracious enough to accompany my guests should they wish! All in all, a pleasant week has been had by all, and long may it continue! Plus everyone had been charming enough to not mention the tatty bits (both on me and the apartment).

This week I have also noticed that despite (or perhaps, because of) the much-trumpeted financial doom and gloom, I am been busier than ever and have just taken my first booking for Christmas week. Whilst this degree of pre-planning is rarely necessary, it is worth pointing out once again that the same-day callers are inevitably disappointed and given that your options in the locale are relatively limited, it is well worth planning ahead if at all possible (as opposed to telephoning at 3am to ask if I am still ‘open’, as one particularly unlucky caller did earlier this week; unlucky because it was one of the rare ‘silly o’clock’ phone calls that I answered). Note to the insomniacs: I am not one of you. Nor, strange though it may seem, am I an all-night garage.

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