what a difference a day makes…

By amy ~ November 29th, 2008 @ 10:03 am

A bit of a delay again, but after a weekend of let-downs, not to mention two no-shows in the early part of this week, I have been feeling somewhat forlorn and introspective. This of course encompassed my London trip, where I managed (as usual) to spend substantial amounts of money on some delightful new toys and games, but unfortunately and bizarrely failed to earn the requisite funds back.

I was not prepared to visit a tiny bed and breakfast on a Kings Cross back street, nor, funnily enough, was I prepared sit any later than 1am in my hotel room waiting to be ’summoned’ by a gentleman who had clearly forgotten all about our assignation and made dinner plans (the promise to contact me when he was on his way home apparently came considerably later after I had switched my phone off, indeed several hours after I had stopped caring). I was certainly feeling very sorry for myself, and upon my return I was dismayed to find that my street had been transformed into the Arctic snowfield (not easy to negiotiate in my size 3-and-a-half satin slippers, but heartened to find that my lovely apartment was warm and welcoming as ever, (mainly because I forgot to turn the central heating off).

However, downhearted as I was for the early part of this week, I have been cheered to find that my more local visitors have been as enthusiastic as ever to keep me occupied, and am surprised and flattered to find that even at this time of year, my diary for next week is filling up fast; not in any small part due to a fabulous new review (see number 13 on main site) from a charming gentleman who called a few weeks ago! I am thus feeling revived and am especially looking forward to welcoming more old and new visitors over the festive season.

I will be around throughout most of the holidays to offer anyone who feels that the stress of either too much solitude, or (in far more stifling, in my opinion) the enforced togetherness of the ‘reverse’ is getting a little overwhelming, and rest assured that the sanctity of my comfortable abode will be available to anyone with the fortititude to ring with reasonable notice; mince pies will be available at my discretion. I would advise booking if at all possible, but do understand that the opportunity to slip away comes more unexpectedly to some than others and please do know I will be bearing this in mind when I answer the phone!

As we will all have noticed, these last couple of weeks have seen a great deal of media coverage regarding the proposed new legislation which seeks to criminalise consenting adults participating in any paid for fun with a lady or gentleman who is found to be ‘trafficked’ (a much-misunderstood term which in itself has nothing to do with coercion and everything to do with the facilitation of transport to a place of work) or working unwillingly/controlled by a third party (even though both of these things are already illegal under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act). We will all know more following the Queens speech on Wednesday, but it is important to me that the following is known to all (indeed it is known already to anyone who has met me!)

  • I am an self-employed independent escort and am not, nor have I ever been, coerced, pimped, managed or controlled by any third party apart from possibly the proprietors of this ruthless organisation.
  • I am not a drug addict, alcoholic, compulsive gambler or reliant on any substance legal or illegal, with the possible exception of Marmite, Battenburg cake, pickled onion Monster Munch and those old-fashioned peppermint creams which make your teeth hurt. And the odd bottle of good (or bad) red wine.
  • I am not a victim of abuse, recent or otherwise, unlike a particularly unpleasant and cretinous harpie in Debenhams today who refused to refund my money on a sale purchase which did not fit, on the grounds that this important information was clearly displayed on the back of my receipt (obviously given to me after I had made the purchase).
  • I am a willing participant in any of the activities detailed on my website, and more, provided that a reasonable standard of manners and cleanliness are met. If I don’t like it, I won’t do it, no matter how nicely you ask or how rich you are. Fortunately I’m also a game girl!

I have in fact this week written an (admittedly a little spirited) email to our local MP regarding his stance on these proposals, and will keep readers informed of any response I get! Don’t hold your breath though – I won’t be. Although there is a market for this too, I hear…

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1 Response to what a difference a day makes…

  1. Marea

    I had not heard about this new legislation. However I did leave the UK for Greece some 12 months ago, so I am not entirely up to date with all UK news. How will this effect escorting in general? Presumably with will not effect independent escorts? Will it effect escort agencies?
    Marea X


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