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By amy ~ December 16th, 2008 @ 6:18 pm

Apologies to those who have noticed the impromptu addendum to my front page this week; I am afraid that due to circumstances beyond my control I will almost certainly not be taking any appointments now before next week, when I will be available on Monday and then from Friday on, provided that the desired booking time/duration does not jar with any of my particularly eagerly awaited Christmas television (specifically Match of the Day, the new Blackadder and Royle Family specials and as ever, the mighty Hollyoaks).

It has been an exciting week for one reason and another, not least because I have been heartened to receive a thoughtful and supportive reply from my local MP regarding the Home Office’s legislation proposals. This department apparently is nothing if not consistant; the news reports yesterday that last weeks’ heartening new statistics relating to knife crime were in fact wildly inaccurate, misleading and not properly verified prior to their release. Anyone familiar with the ‘Pentameter Two’ police operation’s feeble attempts to paint the very physical presence of any non-British workers in raided brothels unarguable proof of the prevalence of modern slavery, will have been forgiven for feeling the unmistakable wave of deja vu. Can anyone who works at the Home Office count?

Anyway, rather more cheering is the aforementioned letter – from the desk of Robert Goodwill MP. I am happy to present it here as I feel that is certainly in the interest of not only my local clients, but also anyone who has been following the whole sorry episode:

Dear Amy Vergnes

Thank you very much indeed for your letter dated 24 November. I read it with great interest and I am sympathetic to many of the points you make in your letter. Although some of my colleagues have particularly strong views about prostitution, I really do not feel that; so long as there is no victim then surely there is no need to criminalise this activity. I understand the points you make about how in some cases women can be trafficked into prostitution or coerced into activity by domineering boyfriends etc, but certainly in the case of yourself, as you highlight in your letter, it would not be something we would wish to criminalise or persecute.

At the moment there haven’t been any clear proposals coming to Parliament, but I would be more than happy to be further briefed if you would wish. Please contact my office in Scarborough if you would like to drop in and give me further background, but I am convinced that this is a business we could not legislate away and that it is better if women are working in this way they do it in safe, secure and healthy surroundings.

Thank you again for giving me such a useful insight into this aspect of life of which I have no personal experience whatsoever.

Yours sincerely

Robert Goodwill.” I might well take him upon on his offer, should things develop. As ever, I will keep you informed!

It is my hope that all my readers are well and looking forward to next week’s festivities – I am planning a quiet and peaceful day with various family, friends, assorted waifs and strays, many (predictably) attracted I suspect by the recently acquired 50″ television, not to mention the giant settee and well stocked fridge freezer – unlike many of my visitors during the rest of the year, my presence is far from important!

For those who I will not see before then, I wish you Merry Christmas and will look forward to the adventures the New Year brings. I am certain I will not be the only one in need of some brisk exercise once the next couple of weeks have passed, so don’t be shy!

All the best, folks ;) xxxxx

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