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By amy ~ February 20th, 2009 @ 11:42 am

dscn39411As you can see, I got my beautiful peonies in the end! Having spent a very pleasant Valentine’s evening (pleasant enough in fact, to forget entirely about Match of the Day and mostly everything else), I was prompted to visit the nearby Tesco before tea on Sunday afternoon, only to find that the previously £20+ (and still spanking-fresh) bouquets were not only reduced, but hovering around the £3 mark – and all because less than 24 hours had elapsed.

Fortunately for me there were only a very few left (or I would certainly be fighting my way through fat pink pompoms by now) but these included my enduring favourites and thus, for a change, I have given them pride of place in this weeks photo-spot. Apart from anything else, I wouldn’t want to bore my regular readers, and there are more than enough pictures of me floating about as it is, although it is worth mentioning that my next new ‘set’ is in the early planning stages and will almost certainly have an outdoor setting although the location itself has yet to be chosen and any suggestions for the short list will be given due consideration!

It appears I am once again entering one of my travelling phases; this week I have had a delightful time showing off some (temporarily) straight seams with a witty and charming gentleman in Nuneaton, who gallantly provided pink champagne and cooked bacon-and-fried-egg sandwiches at 2 am (although I will admit that I am now regretting not stopping in Melton Mowbray to stock up on Stilton and pies, and also Oakham,  famed home of the politically-correct chickens sold in M&S). It would also appear that next week will bring a sooner than expected trip to Edinburgh (a whistlestop visit prior to my intended few days next month) and at the other end, Heathrow airport (although as I will not be flying anywhere, the tax-free Chanel boutique at Terminal 3 is fortunately off-limits).

I will be dusting off my flask and lunchbox for Scotland on Tuesday afternoon, all being well and am looking forward to whiling away a few hours with my library book, ipod and the breathtaking views of the motorway. To anyone wishing to book an incall this week – my only availability left really is a couple of brief slots on Thursday or Friday daytime; sorry, but should be back to normal next week. The apartment is truly coming on in leaps and bounds and following a brief but satisfying eBay splurge late last week, it is even beginning to look like I live here now – those amongst you that remember my previous pied à terre will know exactly what I mean, although whether this is a good or bad thing is entirely a matter of taste and opinion. Either way, I find that my guests are unlikely to be concentrating on the decor for long!

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