let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

By amy ~ February 10th, 2009 @ 4:54 pm

dsc_00571As the meterological chaos of earlier in the week fades away, it is probably futile to speculate on the prospective fortunes weather-wise for the coming few days!

As it is, to those who have had to postpone their much-anticipated visits – rest assured that when you eventually can journey to Scarborough without the potential shame of being dug out of a snowdrift by men in high-visibility outerwear, all will be waiting for you here, and more than likely with home-made pudding (today’s option, for example, being the leftover half of a blackberry and apple crumble cooked yesterday, smug in the knowledge that the filling would contain at least one of my five-a-day fruit portions and the verging-on-celestial crumble would take care of my mental, if not physical wellbeing for the forseeable future).

I am looking forward to St Valentine’s Day this weekend and have a delightful assignation arranged, which not only promises a great deal of if not particularly romantic, extremely energetic fun and is also scheduled to end comfortably before the onset of Match of the Day – an ideal juxtaposition. The charming gentleman concerned, being from the other side of the Atlantic, will possibly not understand, but this is obviously of no consequence to either one of us (and in the event of the non-footballing activities running into extra time, MOTD is thoughtfully repeated early the following morning).

It has been a busy week indeed and I should report that I have very little availability left – the idea that the approaching Friday (being the thirteenth) may be cursed in some way is a preposterous one, but as it is apparently the nearest I will have to a day off, I intend to try and get all of my odd jobs done then (and will thus probably be bald, homeless and in traction by the time I write my next update). It would in fact seem prudent to remain largely motionless and I will seek to achieve this if at all possible – thereby serving the dual purpose of conserving my energy for a lively weekend!

Next month should see me planning a trip to Edinburgh, following a particularly intriguing enquiry received yesterday; regular readers will recall my last brief jaunt when Tom Waits was in town but as I saw nothing of the city besides the train station, the Playhouse, the Travellodge and a select few late-night drinking spots I intend to make rather more of an effort this time – anyone who who like to broaden my knowledge of the city of my birth is very welcome to get in touch and I will be posting more details as I get organised. The Irvine Welsh pub crawl is a tempting prospect but my instinct for self preservation precludes me from giving it a try – any other ideas or recommendations will be gratefully received though, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

For the time being, Scarborough and it’s surrounding areas are stuck with me, at least until it gets a bit warmer. Upon venturing out earlier today I am pleased to report the sighting of my first snowdrops of the year, a sure sign that Spring is on it’s way (if nothing else it also means that my favourite peonies will soon be in the shops – yes, even I know I’m awkward!)

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