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By amy ~ February 2nd, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

1An email I received last weekend prompted me to ponder my choice of opening gambit, as it were – namely my ‘welcome page’ picture. It seems that I should think more magnanimously and by now ought to have carefully ensured that each of my many facets and angles have been equally displayed at their most agreeably flattering and graceful, in order that all tastes and interests be provided for, and therefore some rudimentary attempt has been made to please most of the people most of the time.

In other words, it has been pointed out that the turn of my hitherto neglected (photo-wise) derrière to proudly and cheerily welcome site visitors is long overdue and with this in mind I have selected a charming and refreshing new image to hopefully enliven and bolster both the new and faithful visitor. To these lovers of the rear view, enjoy! (and to everyone else, the boobs will be back sometime soon but are more than holding their own in the Galleries in the meantime).

Today, I ought really to have been industriously filling and sanding walls, hanging my new bedroom mirror and putting all of the clean washing away (the most detestable job in the house after cleaning the grill-pan, taking out the rubbish and changing a duvet cover, which I am far too short to do easily on my own and is the only bedroom activity I can think of which inevitably leaves me hot and bothered without possessing any redeeming qualities whatsoever). Unfortunately, my concentration span for the mundane is as goldfish-like as ever, and a concerted effort will have to be made at some point in the next couple of days lest I be buried under a mountain of thermal underwear, odd stockings and enough clean white towels to dry a small army (should the need arise).

Having seen the snow outside the window this morning I have decided (and not for the first time) that a comfortable and sedentary evening is in order with builder’s tea, my new Sopranos DVD box set and a packet of Fig Rolls providing the company – the excitement all took place earlier in the day, when following an energetic pre-lunch assignation I was alarmed to discover that my five month old, desirably shiny-black and modern ‘Home Hub’ was in fact more advanced than I had envisaged, in that it had apparently developed autonomous thought and decided to enjoy a break from broadcasting it’s usual high speed wireless signal, which amongst other things allows me to cart the laptop around the house and more importantly should I choose to, answer emails in the bath.

A long, frustrating call to BT was the only solution and whilst this inevitably left me in unprecedented paroxyms of foulmouthed fury (to my operator once again I do not, and have never had, the lead with the yellow ends), the problem was dutifully fixed by remote control without me ever finding out what it was. All now appears to be well, but if anyone has any tips as to how and why these things go wrong (and can possibly help me to avoid another blinding headache induced by trying to answer the day’s important emails on a two inch screen with a tiny pointy plastic stick), send your answers on a postcard, just to be on the safe side. Or better still, come over and tell me yourself.

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