happy birthday to me!

By amy ~ January 25th, 2009 @ 10:31 am

The more keen-eyed and vigilant among you will have noticed some slight alterations to my website – I am indeed now 3a20crp6! I enjoyed a wonderful day with presents; among them my favourite Green and Black’s chocolate with ginger, a distinctly high-tech nail related addition to the self-maintenance arsenal, and a bag of fabulous Arran Victory potatoes (which have today proved beyond argument to be the finest of all roasting potatoes) as well as homemade cake and some delightful company including that of the beautiful and statuesque Sabrina, who in addition to her many more obvious qualities also makes bloody good tea, and fortunately plenty of it.

Upon my return from the delightful city of Budapest (pretty but cold, superb food, pleasing air of stoicism and grim determination) a shade earlier than expected, thanks wholly to a particularly gallant gentleman friend who arranged an unexpected and speedy transfer home from East Midlands (singularly un-picturesque, no recognisable food, general air of abject misery). My flight was timed perfectly to coincide with industrial action by the Hungarian airport workers, which resulted in ample opportunity to play the ever-entertaining holiday game of watching English men trying to conceal superhuman levels of emasculated fury, irritation and powerlessness in the face of airport security. Fortunately I travel surprisingly light for one so nicely-maintained, and was thus able to avoid the undignified scrabbling at the baggage claim conveyor and alight gracefully into the waiting car with nary a pause.

All in all it has been a tiring week, and I am planning more travels already including a (brief) visit to Leeds shortly, where I will spend my free time catching up with some old acquaintances and avoiding Harvey Nichols like the plague. Chinese New Year falls tomorrow, and in the time-honoured English tradition of temporarily hijacking the festivities of an unrelated country in order to provide an excuse for consuming huge quantities of food and drink (see also St. Patricks Day and Burns Night, which in fact is today, but I am sadly haggis-less and dislike Scotch whisky) I will be excitedly poring over the menu of my newly-discovered favourite takeaway by approximately 4pm. Therefore, to anyone who was wondering about my previously-mentioned resolutions – no, not that well, I’m afraid.

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  1. Leeds Escorts

    Very, very sexy, and I know it’s a couple of days late, but Happy Birthday :) x


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