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By amy ~ March 30th, 2009 @ 8:33 am

a35bwIt only seems like days since I last expressed frustration at my seemingly limitless ineptitude when it comes to matters of science and technology, yet once again it is time for our twice yearly journey through time, such as it takes place in our particularly British way of ensuring that the change is subtle and minimal enough to irritate and perplex without causing major disruption of any kind – obviously this would never do (I strongly believe that if the tradition were introduced by one of the more exuberant nations, this ritual would be quite different and result in far more interesting consequences).

Needless to say, I did not quite trust myself to take appointments and instead spent the delightful  sunny afternoon discovering the Hole of Horcum and Goathland (I will admit to misunderstanding the former as a  somewhat crass and tasteless joke upon it’s initial suggestion by my companion, but all was soon smoothed over).

Regular visitors will also be  glad to know that the long-awaited living room carpet will soon be in situ (thanks in no small part to a kindly visitor who turned out to be handy with a measuring tape) and bits of the place will be starting to look almost finished, although there is a long way to go yet. Anyone with any free time and DIY/decorating skills is welcome to pitch in – I am, as ever, open to offers!

I returned from a very enjoyable trip to Edinburgh on Friday – apologies to those who rang following my departure, but it always pays to be organised! I will be back before too long and also plan to visit Glasgow – a fine time was had by all and I will look forward to catching up with any of you who decide to venture south of the border, as well as those who I have promised to reconvene with the next time I am in the area!

Upon my arrival I was heartened to find my hotel clean and welcoming, the restaurants well priced and friendly; although not as friendly as the locals – and my heartfelt apologies to the anonymous people in the next room; I have no way of knowing the fundaments of hotel construction, but it would seem that the current fashion is to utilise the thinnest material that is practical for all surfaces both horizontal and vertical, and I feared more than once for the bathroom wall (although as I am nowadays of a more resourceful and practical nature, I believe I could have effectively concealed any damage, at least for long to shunt the blame onto the next occupant, and managed to carefully cover  an accidental black shoe-mark on the wall with toothpaste before I left).

Availability-wise, this week is almost booked up already, and I am looking forward to some pleasant and distracting company,  in between getting my records all up to date in preparation for my regular visit to my charming accountant in Leeds. Longer-standing visitors may also be interested to know that my previous abode appears to be sold – an offer has been made and accepted, and I am gearing up to stave off the media attention which seems likely to be linked with an actual property sale in the current climate; Lord alone knows that the Evening News has precious little else to put on it’s pages. At risk of appearing overly pessimistic, there is plenty of time for something to go wrong yet, and I will keep you informed – a sale will naturally mean something of an unexpected windfall when it comes to my new place and could cover some extra-special new facilities or furnishings – any interesting ideas please email to the usual address. Watch this space – I have a few ideas of my own!

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