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By amy ~ April 13th, 2009 @ 10:34 am

d92s6261Firstly, and before I sink completely and comfortingly into a praline-induced torpor, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Easter – I have had a lovely, and unexpectedly busy few days welcoming visitors old and new (among them the kind gentleman who arrived bearing said pralines, plus an unexpected but very welcome caller who knew all about my half-finished bedroom floor and had several informative and thoughtful tips to offer on screeding).

The usually appalling weather reserved for our more auspicious Bank Holidays appears to be holding off for the moment and all is pleasant if a little grey and I, like many others, am turning my attention to matters practical – not brave enough to tackle B&Q during a Bank Holiday weekend itself I visited earlier in the week and have since sanded, tiled, plastered and painted in between the week’s assignations. The constantly improving appearance of the flat is sadly inversely proportional to my own (by my own admission, decidedly patchy, mangy and especially after the plastering, more than a little bumpy) but overall, I am holding my own, and a few knocks, bruises and broken nails nothwithstanding, I will be entertaining callers this week as usual.

For those several visitors who have been patiently awaiting one specific development, I can proudly announce that the mirror which has taken up residence on the floor around November-time has finally been affixed, although in doing so I discovered too late that the wall is not in fact flat and am thus planning the judicious application of No More Nails in order to secure it – annoying but a small price to pay and another good job done; likewise, the much anticipated living room carpet is ordered, paid for and finally on its way!

Obviously the fitting of huge carpets is not a job for a lone worker however enthusiastic (not to mention the small matter of moving a sofa roughly the size and weight of a Volkswagen) but despite the potential blips I am very much looking forward to enjoying the addition  of yet another soft, tactile and comfortable surface to my inventory, and I am certain my visitors will feel the same, although I am afraid that a standard no-outdoor-footwear-on-the-new-carpet rule will be applied, and with no exceptions, so a little forethought sock-wise may be a worthwhile consideration for some (not that I would ever judge, as the few of you who have witnessed me resplendant in my socks will understand completely).

As the more vigilant among you will have also observed, I have begun planning my London trip in June; longer-standing readers will recall my delight at my purchase from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition last year, and I will certainly be visiting this year’s offering with an open mind and a functioning debit card. I will be in the city from Wednesday 24th and have a particularly charming liaison planned for the Saturday already; my activities for the remainder of the visit are very much up to you! The likelihood is that I will staying around the Russell Square/Bloomsbury area, for no reason other than I found it very convenient and pleasant upon a recent visit, but it is early days – please do get in touch if you would like to discuss arrangements!

This weeks appeal is for anyone who is skilled in the art of tile-cutting – the sheer frustration in having destroyed probably a full box already in order to obtain 8 corner-sized pieces has rendered it clear that it would probably be cheaper to pay someone else to do it; barter price is one free hour for anyone who would like to finish off the kitchen. Worth a try!

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