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By amy ~ May 8th, 2009 @ 10:56 am

dsc_0177An eventful couple of weeks has led me to concede defeat and not-too-grudgingly book my long overdue trip to Paris! Regular readers will know that it has, astonishingly, been over a year since my last visit to my favourite city and whilst I am both pleased and flattered that the oft-discussed credit crunch has decided to give me a miss, the cracks are beginning to show and I have settled on my usual form of R&R, although my equally usual (and almost requisite) quantities of  white bread, nearly-raw steak and crème brûlée will be scaled down somewhat and I have made efforts to this end by renting myself a pretty apartment (also scaled down, being as it is in it’s entirety some 10 square metres smaller than my living room) and am determined to only eat one meal out a day, not counting pastries.

As I will have my own private living space, I have decided to maintain a limited availability (as observers of my current front page will have noticed) and anyone who is reading who may perchance also be enjoying the City of Lights during that week is very welcome to call on me! I have not visited in June before and in addition to my usual haunts I intend to visit the catacombs (as every time I have been previously it has been too muddy), the cemetaries at Montmartre and Père Lachaise (as every time I have been recently it has been grey, overcast and therefore far too melancholy) and am also planning day trips out to Versailles and Giverny, home of Monet’s gardens and less than an hour away by train. It should be made clear that I am unlikely to be answering my work phone during my stay and will instead be checking voicemails once or twice a day, therefore advance booking by email is vital for anyone interested, but please do enquire if you are! (and for the terminally indecisive, the Eurostar starts at £59 return).

This week I can report that any rumours you may have heard that a property has changed hands in Scarborough are true, my previous and much-loved (but little-tidied) abode is officially sold, and the keys surrendered not without a little sadness, particularly since the closing stages of the process moved along so quickly that it’s planned last hurrah with a much adored and valued gentleman never got to take place; despite the lack of any suitable furniture or even floorcoverings I had felt it only appropriate that a suitable sendoff was celebrated but sadly it was not to be. That said, I have probably saved myself a few bruises.

Meanwhile, my new-and-improving pied à terre is coming along nicely, although my excitement at the huge response to my tiling plea was clearly a little premature, as the follow up regarding wallpapering has thus far yielded no takers, and I am beginning to come to terms with the idea that I will be undertaking this myself (or at the very least, paying somebody else to do it). This coming week I am coincidentally welcoming back two old acquaintances from the early days, both of whom are in for a pleasant surprise and a noticeable hike in the surrounding comfort levels. I myself am of course as comfortable as ever, and am likely to be more so following my sojourn which may well mean a few stricter weeks upon my return. C’est la vie!

A footnote – if the gentleman who left his leather gloves is reading this, please do get in touch as you know I am far too discreet to contact you! Possibly the more clement weather has meant you have not noticed them missing yet but be assured that they are safe until your return, and I will look forward to scolding you for making the flat untidy(er) soon.

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