flash bang wallop what a picture!

By amy ~ May 21st, 2009 @ 12:53 pm

flashAs the not-entirely-subtle clue to the right of this text may have let on, I am very excited this week to have chosen, bought and finally today collected my brand new Nikon digital SLR camera (spanking new in fact, but I digress). This is (and see right) my first attempt!

My poor old compact has seen far better days and whilst the size and weight of my new acquisition will undoubtedly take some getting used to, it is for me at least a welcome return to the days of apertures, shutter speeds and colour balancing so beloved back in the days of my trusty old  (inherited, I am really not THAT decrepit) Zenith – without the tiresome brown stains on the clothing and faint but pervasive smell of stop solution which accompanied me throughout most of my late teens. Needless to say, I have many ideas for interesting changes to my current array of pictures and will certainly be trying them out as soon as I can figure out how to get the self-timer to work, not to mention arranging myself delightfully in under ten seconds.

My thoughts have also turned this week amongst other things to aspects of my entertaining-room other than the visual, and after suggestions for final improvements from both callers and other ladies I am keen to invest in an appropriate source of accompaniment (namely an ipod dock, although I know nothing at all about these things and thus my research has so far got me no further than my usual and reassuringly familiar starting point of the Argos website). Apparently a common and useful practice is to arrange playlists comprising a sequence which lasts one hour, two hours and so on – this would certainly be helpful to me as I often forget to set my little clock out, and in the event that I remember, my appalling eyesight precludes me from actually reading it. As a result I must confess to making gentlemen callers late for post-visit engagements on more than one occasion recently, and whilst they have all been gallant enough not to complain, I do feel that a more concerted effort on my part is necessary to avoid this becoming commonplace; and apologies again to my charming companion who was supposed to be back for a meeting at one thirty today (oops).

As far as content goes, however, I will admit to struggling a little – having decidedly eclectic taste in music myself, I am probably the most unsuitable person on Earth to be contemplating such a project, particularly since my on-the-computer music library alone runs into a couple of thousand separate songs of all genres (although I daresay my  burgeoning Big Band collection can safely be disregarded along with anything by either the Sex Pistols, Gogol Bordello or Girls Aloud). Any fellow music fans who think they may have a solution are welcome to make suggestions as is anyone else – please be aware that anything which could feasibly described as a power ballad will result in your number being blacklisted. I am very tolerant, as you know, but I have my limits too!

This coming week I will be continuing to practice my David Bailey impersonation and looking forward to a couple of much-anticipated visits before my trip in two weeks time. Incall availability is slowly but surely filling up, but appointments do remain – just please bear in mind that reasonable notice is required to avoid disappointment. And  incidentally, to anyone who is wondering why I am wearing a top hat in the house, we have clearly never met.

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2 Responses to flash bang wallop what a picture!

  1. Dollymopp

    OOhh! I am jealous of your camera! I hope that I am still allowed to do some pics of you too one day!

  2. Evie

    I can barely point a camera and I am jealous too, I just really like this picture! It is playful and really lovely, and the top hat, Mmm!


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