back on the road again!

By amy ~ January 31st, 2011 @ 12:42 am

Well a week on and I can confidently say that I am fighting fit and more than ready to well, roll, (as it were) and after a handful of fun and lively meetings over the past couple of days I am very happy to be diligently handwashing, mending, decanting (my favourite part, the soothing effects of transferring things from a large container into other, smaller containers ought never to be underestimated) and otherwise gathering up my trusty kit in preparation for my first trip away of the year – yay!

I will be in London from Wednesday to Sunday and following a seven week stint at home, am becoming absurdly excited already – not only at the prospect of spending time at my lovely hotel with my gentleman callers without having to do any laundry or housework as a result, but also having made some exciting plans for my (admittedly limited) free time; not least the Gabriel Orozco exhibition at the Tate Modern down t’road, and the Romantics at Tate Britain (up t’river), which I have been meaning to visit since August and have still not yet seen. If time allows, I am also planning my much-missed trip to the cinema postponed from last time – a move that has proved to be very worthwhile since the run up to the Oscars at this point in the year ensures plenty of choice film-wise (unlike the pre-Christmas selection, which was lacking variety to say the least, and would tempt no-one not harbouring an inexplicable and uncommonly keen interest in Harry Potter).

It would also be something of an understatement to say that I was pleasantly surprised upon discovering that Chinese New Year falls this week, and I am intending if at all possible to head for Leicester Square on Sunday for the Year of the Rabbit celebrations including the lion dance, firecrackers and as much highly-seasoned fried food as I can sensibly eat before heading for home. This is of course working on the assumption that I am not metaphorically if not literally (enjoyable though that would undoubtedly be) buried beneath a heap of fervent admirers – those attempting to book last time at short notice may remember that disappointment was almost universal, and I do fear this visit is to be likewise. Wednesday and Sunday are now fully booked, Thursday and Saturday have a single afternoon appointment left each, and on Friday just a scant breakfast hour; how long any of these will last is anybody’s guess, but I suspect not long after tomorrow.

As for the last few days, my unexpected and debilitating illness eventually took it’s leave by the end of Tuesday leaving me faintly weakened and frustratingly hungry as well as horribly bored (a friend texted me on Wednesday having found an article stating that Amazon had sold 115 Kindle books for every hundred paperbacks; I already knew this because I bought them) and recovery couldn’t come fast enough. After the appalling cold which prevented my Glasgow trip last August, I am earnestly hoping that my illness quota for the next few years has been filled, and my usual sturdy nature and predilection to glowing health will prevail!

I have never belonged to that section of the community which constantly seems to be coming down with something or recovering from something else and having spent many years in part-time shop, cleaning and bar work politely nodding through colleagues’ entire conversations revolving around what people they knew were having taken out, when and by whom, I know how much talk of such things bores anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot into a catatonic stupor within minutes. Therefore, no more shall be said about it here, and fingers crossed that should be the end of the story. The only thing I must do is thank everybody who sent well wishes, recommendations for dry toast and green tea and generally cheered me up – it’s really very much appreciated.

So the rest of the week – I have one available appointment on Tuesday lunchtime before I leave, and my next Scarborough availability will then be Tuesday 8th February. To those waiting patiently in and around SE1 – I’ll see you very soon…

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