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By amy ~ March 19th, 2011 @ 11:20 pm

And as the memories of mighty skyscrapers, 24 hour diners, hot dogs and wintry sunshine in Central Park and microwave tea fade away for now, I am happily ensconced back in Scarborough and looking ahead to the upcoming weeks in our own fair(ish) country. And plenty to look forward to, thankfully!

A brief missive this time, since having been back now for almost two weeks, I have (after the undignified but energetic rush of the first few days) had a pleasant and peaceful spell pottering about the apartment, catching up with housework and admin stuff and maintaining calorie intake – particularly important since, to my excitement (and not without trepidation), I have just registered to do the 5k Race for Life! As I have never in my life run any further than the oven door this is to be a real challenge, but for a very good cause and a separate page for anybody who would like to know more will be appearing here soon – needless to say all sponsorship offers are very welcome – and unlike some, it is officially the only time you will ever hear me ask for ‘Donations’…

One thing I will be needing is some proper running shoes, since my tired and elderly gym-trainers will definitely not cut the mustard on the road and obtaining these is another job on my list for my London trip in a couple of weeks. I am also planning a trip to my perennial favourite, the Natural History Museum, a look round Borough Market (time allowing) and lunch with the fabulous Kinky La Rue, triumphant survivor of Glasgow’s recent mini freeze and finally a proud Kindle owner (and even more covetably, the Apple Green case instead of my couldn’t-decide-so-sod-it black one).

As far as London goes, for a change at this late-ish stage there is still some availability, so anybody keen do get in touch! Appointments are reassuringly and steadily dwindling away, but the Thursday is still mostly free as are Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening – as you may have noticed, I took an Executive Decision to put up my proper ads a couple of weeks late rather than spend my valuable time in Manhattan answering preliminary enquiries instead of sightseeing, shopping and ordering cheeseburgers of such commanding and improbable stature that the only way to eat them without cutting them into pieces maiden aunt-style would have been to disarticulate my lower jaw like an anaconda. Thus, anyone who thinks they may have left it too late and missed out – maybe not!

This week I am looking forward to continuing the leisurely pace; having enjoyed the company of some truly delightful gentlemen both familiar and first-time this last week (and been spoilt rotten in the process) I am hoping the trend continues and whilst I have most of the week already arranged including training runs, working on some new pictures (yay!) and some more much-missed home cooking (and not cooking; fans of my favourite chocolate-peanut-crunchie-bar-thing as detailed here should get typing) there are still opportunities for incall, and the (currently popular) outcall appointments before I set off on my travels again. As I ran/walked/ran my first 5.5k yesterday and am – incredibly – still capable of unimpaired and (almost) painless movement today, I am hoping the new regime will not prove to be a hindrance, but only time will tell…

Appointments, as ever, will be available on an advance only basis, and I will be busy over next weekend making ready for London but as ever I remain a pushover for some well-constructed syntax and emailers who can spell words longer than (shudder) ‘hun’  are welcome to get in touch. In the meantime, lets hope the sunny weather holds – I may even venture outside without a coat before the clocks go forward!


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