you take the high road…

By amy ~ May 30th, 2011 @ 9:38 pm

…and I’ll take the 1135 First Scotrail service to Inverness (calling at Haymarket, Kirkcaldy, Perth, Dunkeld and Birnam, Pitlochry, Blair Atholl, Newtonmore, Kingussie, Aviemore and Inverness). A surprisingly busy train it is too, and I post having created an Area with coat, Kindle and knitting placed carefully about the periphery of my table seat in true weary-selfish traveller style, much as the sour-faced bint occupying my (reserved) seat when I boarded the Edinburgh train at York on Friday had done with a netbook, various i-crap and an obnoxious looking muffin until I politely told her to get it shifted.

Current news from Cow-Watch, we have passed several fields of ordinary looking beasties minding their own business but no rugged Highland types as yet – at the time of writing there is another two hours plus yet, to be fair, and ever the optimist I will be poised with BlackBerry camera at the ready. Adultwork readers will have to content themselves with a black square or similar as per the site rules, which saw even poor Chubby Chops mercilessly censored last week after I forgot them. The sun is shining and all being well, I will be enjoying the Highlands both with company and without until Thursday morning – yay!

My long-awaited weekend in Edinburgh has been as much fun as always, and I managed to squeeze in the requisite Yo Sushi visit (natch) plus some fabulous Thai food with a pal on Saturday evening, a leisurely stroll down to the modern art gallery (where I was unexpectedly delighted to find an exhibition featuring longtime favourite Jeff Koons – one of my best impromptu coincidences in a while) and rounded the trip off with a bus ride out to Leith for a soothing massage at Pure and a look at the Royal Yacht Britannia. This in addition to some very charming gentleman company including a couple of blasts from the past (and more than one first-hurdle-faller; the iron-stomached may like to browse the AW ‘escort’ profile of one particular optimist if visiting, for possibly the most mindbogglingly repellent attempt at Impressing The Laydeez yet to be committed to cyberspace – I’ll leave the details of our brief communication for readers to enjoy speculating on (and I won’t hammer the poor sod further by posting a link here) but suffice to say, fans of SAAFE’s legendary How Not To Book An Escort thread would not be disappointed and nor was I, although I don’t believe a suitable word is yet in use to describe what I actually was (I did my best).

Availability-wise, er, not much; despite the best efforts of the legions of AW I-know-it-says-to-email-but-I’ll-ring-anyway-because-she-probably-doesn’t-really-mean-it chancers I have only a handful of appointments left, and these are unlikely to last much beyond tomorrow allowing for time looking round, finding haggis and so forth. London is looking likewise – phew! Meanwhile back at the ranch, I am happy to announce that my Race For Life last sponsoring chance Special Offer Week will run from Monday 6th – Friday 10th June, and details will be posted on Saturday – this is our final opportunity to raise the sponsorship total as I will be sending it in shortly afterwards, so take note!

Further reportage from the Highlands later in the week. Back in That Scarborough on Friday…

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