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By amy ~ October 16th, 2011 @ 10:02 pm

Well predictably, my first paragraph ought to be an apology for the farcical goings on at the start of the week when BlackBerry’s maverick decision to observe three days of silence to mark the passing of Steve Jobs caused equally predictable mayhem, being as I am the owner of not one but two of the blessed pocket-lumps.

To anybody whose email was ridiculously late, never received or just vapourised altogether I can only say that if you attempted to contact me and haven’t yet had a response it’s worth trying again – as far as I can tell I got to all but the automatic ‘file under B’ ones, but since these inevitably originate from Adultwork they were (for once) easier to deal with. In other technology news, I have also this week waved goodbye to the second printer to reside in my little office corner in the last three years – considering that my use of the things is sporadic at best, I grumbled all the way to Comet but cheered a little when the replacement cost only £29.99 (considerably less than my BlackBerry contract bill last month at a stately £114 – thank you Guernsey) and even more when the thing took five minutes tops to plug in and set up (whereupon I made my twenty photocopied takings sheets and switched it back off again, more than likely for the next month until accounts-time rolls round again).

The period immediately after returning from a busy trip away is always unpredictable, but this week in particular has been lively in the extreme and whilst not helped by the shenanigans, no real harm was done as far as I know and I have had an enjoyable, if tiring time of it. The weekend was resolutely set aside for me-time, involving tackling the ever present mending pile, a spot of pie-baking and staying up too late watching the critically-acclaimed (ahem) Wrong Turn 2: Dead End last night, just in case there was some new permutation of the backwoods-mutant-cannibal-splatter genre I may previously have allowed to pass me by (there wasn’t).

Those who know me may already be well aware of my penchant for the grislier end of the film spectrum, and thanks to information recieved from a fellow fan this week I have even treated myself to a couple of self indulgent outings to -where else – the Leeds Film Festival’s Fanomenon ‘Night of the Dead’ and ‘Day of the Dead’ eight hour goreathons next month; shamefully, it has been almost ten years since the last time I attended a proper all-night horror show (despite several overnight bookings over the last few which admittedly didn’t fall far short), that being the unsurpassable ‘Dead by Dawn’ at Filmhouse in Edinburgh and I am looking forward to queuing up with my popcorn money to sit in a narrow, uncomfortable fold-up seat in the dark for nigh on half a day more than I can say – woohoo! Needless to say, I will not be taking bookings immediately afterwards, or more than likely until after at least one Pilates class and a decent massage.

Speaking of Edinburgh – see what I did there? – this time next week I will be settled in my new digs and more than likely (as now) watching the X-Factor results show (willing the eminently punchable Janet Devlin to disappear without any of the hooha, and since we’re here, what did they do to Gary Barlow? Phwoar) and enjoying the first hotel bed picnic of the week – availability is scattered but still relatively plentiful bar Monday 24th and I am looking forward to some catching up prior to my first Belfast trip on Wednesday 26th. (yes, I did eventually figure out Escort Ireland but jesus, how bloody convoluted?) Anyway, I will be around and about in Auld Reekie up until and including Tuesday evening, and looking forward to catching up; hopefully the predicted snow will decide to give it a miss!

To this week, and availability is limited – by me. It’s been a manic start to the month and it’s looking like a manic end; my awaydays from now up until Christmas are all arranged and some proper R&R beckons (not to mention the decorating I didn’t get done last week, the new photos I still haven’t got taken and the itching-to-be-more-broken-in Doc Martens). I won’t be completely AWOL, but the phone, ironically, will be off most of this week and email (as ever) rules! And I may even get those nightie and boot pictures done yet…

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