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By amy ~ November 29th, 2011 @ 12:10 am

A slight exaggeration maybe, but after a relaxing week at home with TV, comfort food, fishes and the all-encompassing pleasantness that comes from attempting nothing more challenging than laundry for a few days (only fair after muchas liveliness on the islands) it’s fair to say that a heavy sigh of resignation was emitted when the time came this morning to reinstate my phone number display on Adultwork, bearing in mind that my London visit is now only two weeks away and I now need my ‘free’ visiting ad to show (which oddly enough, it doesn’t unless you are giving them money).

As some are already aware, my dedicated Adultwork phone was annoyingly mislaid following a trip away and despite being definitely in the house somewhere has proved elusive now for a good couple of months – since it was never switched on, ringing the number to try and locate the thing was eminently pointless and I had no option other than to post my usual number instead. However, since within literally five minutes of ticking the appropriate box and clicking on ‘save’ I had had possibly the most repellent phone call of the year from some smirking, patronising bottom feeder who confirmed he had got the number from guess-where, I gave up, removed it again and embarked upon a sustained and targeted search worthy of CSI for the missing handset. And I found it!

Even allowing for the time of year (and the weeks leading up to Christmas are the spiritual home of Messrs Book-and-cancel-an-hour-before, Book-and-don’t-bother-confirming-on-the-day-but-don’t-actually-cancel and not forgetting the old favourite Book-but-later-decide-the-time-no-longer-suits-and-then-get-in-a-huff-when-the-time-that-does-isn’t-available as per the standard at this time of year; as I suspect many other ladies will agree, it’s rarely even worth even answering the phone from now until the first week of December), the brief period of AW-reachability was more than I could cope with and the hour or so prior to my returning Adultwork Phone to it’s usual desirably dormant state brought several more gems, including one insistence that the number had come ‘from the paper’ (er, no) that what I really should do now is a ‘ten minute OWO to completion’ number for £30 ‘oh, I know you say you don’t do it haha, but you don’t mean it really and I know you girls want the money’ (guess again, fucknuts), and best of all, an obviously sociable but distinctly cagey gentleman who thought I wouldn’t notice the address he supposedly wanted to book an overnight outcall for belonged to Bar2B…In a wholly successful effort to get out of Dodge and set Christmas underway, and heartily sustained by two of the new Black Forest Hot Chocolates from Costa, I instead sallied forth into the town centre and began Phase One of the Christmas shopping (consisting of playing with jiggly gadgets in the Discovery Store before selecting a couple of Useless Things That Make A Noise for smaller relatives to entertain their respective households with, some bargain-rummaging in Wilkos for gift wrap and decorations and a trolley dash through an extremely festive-looking TK Maxx for oddbods). The specially rented tree-in-a-pot is arriving on Monday, the food shopping list has been tentatively but enthusiastically started and best of all, my Christmas hours are organised, posted and can be seen by clicking on the link at the top – yay! Yes, I know it’s last years photo, but it is rather festive, and I promise to replace it if I (or you!) have any better ideas…

As can be seen (partly from aforementioned December page) normal service is resumed this week and next (bar Tree Arriving Day on Monday 5th), and whilst I’m not aiming to wear myself out before the approaching London Marathon (sorry) I will be around for entertaining most weekdays as specified on the site – woohoo! So to the lovely, polite and genuine would-be visitors who actually get as far as a postcode (and even further) don’t be shy! The only day so far this week which is completely booked up is Saturday, so all enquiries welcome for the rest. Picture montage fans will also have noticed that I have pretty much organised the next phase of awaydays in the New Year, but since I will have enough to deal with for the remainder of this one, expect the dates to be posted towards the end of next month rather than before (although anybody reading from Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Jersey, Guernsey, Douglas, Inverness, Dundee or Edinburgh is welcome to ask. Or maybe not).

The festive season starts here! More soon – promise…

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