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By amy ~ December 4th, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

Well whatever the detractors might think (and unlike myself after eight mince pies from Betty’s brought by a kind visitor the other day), it’s all undoubtedly starting to take shape, starting with the weather (distinctly chilly at time of writing), the television (on which I have watched many, many Bonds over the last couple of weeks) and not least the freezer, a whole drawer of which has been expectantly and optimistically cleared in anticipation. Tomorrow (as the vigilant will have already noticed) is tree-arriving day, and I will be up and waiting patiently if a little bleary-eyed for the arrival of this years festive addition to the living room from early doors onward. Naturally it will arrive at 5pm, unless I stay in bed until gone nine/forget to switch on the doorbell/decide to take a gamble and nip to Costcutter for a Snickers and the Independent.

The singularly stressful task of sitting poised, kestrel-like, over the ‘Refresh’ button at midnight in order to pre-book the most sought after of the Tesco Christmas delivery slots has also been completed with aplomb, despite the now-ubiquitous site crash shortly afterwards when everybody tries desperately to check out at the same time and secure their place in the schedules (a mediocre showing here, not managing to get through the near-catatonic payment processor until 1.18am but I had wandered off during the early onslaught to browse the BOGOF section, and even the eventual success over an hour later was after twenty or thirty fruitless attempts; sort it out, Tesco). Incidentally, anybody who was hoping to get so much as a satsuma delivered on the 23rd or 24th and hasn’t booked a delivery already, forget it. I just checked.

After a very welcome return to form visiting-wise over the past week with several delightful and eager gentleman callers filling in the diary gaps between shopping, gym and housework, this coming week is looking similarly busy with returnees from the four corners (of Yorkshire at least) and should be fun aplenty for everybody! I will be spending next Sunday on the final packing and preparation for a busy week in London from Monday 12th – I have plans with both lovely ladies and charming gentleman spread throughout my trip, some already of my acquaintance and others not, but there are ample appointments left and a relatively unrushed and festive time will hopefully be had by all. I have never made any secret of my unabashed fondness for the capital, and whilst Monday 12th is currently fully booked with others (notably the Friday) not far behind, I have no intention of conveyor-belting anybody and will be out and about whenever time allows for overpriced Glühwein, strolls along the river and to take in the sparkly bits (apart from anything else, they’ve got to clean the room sometime).

Other treats lined up for my longest London visit yet (not that I’m complaining certainly, although looking at the six night hotel bill for a South Bank 5 star in mid-December has not yet failed to prompt a reaction) include my being fortunate enough to score a prime ticket to see my very favourite Christmas film It’s a Wonderful Life on the Saturday evening at the BFI Southbank – yay! From what I can see, the screening is now all but sold out so am doubly chuffed and as a way to round off the Christmas visit I can think of far worse (in fact I’ve had far worse – the sudden return of Arctic Winter II on my departure day last year being particularly memorable) although having bawled my way through it like a child with a dropped ice cream more times than I care to remember already, I will be certain to add tissues to my list of cinema-things along with a few must-haves rediscovered at the recent horrorfests (Caramac, anyone?)

I am also beginning to get queries about my trip to Ireland in the New Year, but would ask that horses are held for now – there will be plenty of opportunity to make arrangements nearer the time, and since I haven’t even organised my ads properly yet it’s all a little premature for now! Instead, spend the time praying for decent weather, uneventful travelling and a decent hotel room to await me when I get there and I’ll see you in a month. For the remainder of this week in peaceful Scarborough hustle and bustle is a world away, and bar any complete disasters a gently festive time will be in store; the heating is on and the welcome will be warm too! If nothing else I’ve got to burn the pies off somehow, and the gym classes break up next week.

More from the soon-to-be grotto directly – I have a loftful of decorations to dig out next, plus a newly arrived (and thus slightly behind) advent calendar to deal with…

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