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By amy ~ April 4th, 2012 @ 3:35 pm

Well I am, anyway – freshly returned (albeit knackered and slightly bog-eyed) from four days of happy camping at Filmhouse in Edinburgh for mega horror-fest Dead By Dawn, having pottered up by train on yet another sunny day for my first proper geek-out in ages. Yay!

Strange though packing a bag containing no work stuff whatsoever was, I managed four nights and five days worth in a mini-wheelie (including rice krispie bars, my favourite tea bags and spare shoes) to then be extremely pleasantly surprised upon arrival by my enormous room with lovely comfy bed, appropriated for the duration at the city centre Travelodge for the princely sum of twenty five quid a night. The lack of any facilities or furniture within bar aforementioned bed, a chair and a little desk (all of which, whilst perfectly serviceable, did nothing to allay the underlying feeling that I was awaiting trial for something I’d yet to be told about) in a space that could almost have housed a village cricket match (and see pic above) meant that the ambiance was lacking a little – the prospect of spending 22 hours or so a day thus ensconced (as is the usual modus if I’m in a hotel at all) would be a fairly alarming one, especially with no access to BBC3. Or a hairdryer.

Filmwise, the programme was as varied as one could hope for – illustrious titles old and new (see posters for some recommendations, especially if you’ve never seen Demons) and whilst I’ve searched in vain for links to my favourite bits from the short film selection, the ones I really wanted to plug annoyingly weren’t available online. I do have Don Hertzfeldt’s Wisdom Teeth (below) which made me simultaneously howl with laughter and feel slightly faint – be sure to ride it out through the end credits. And don’t worry, they’re only stick figures.

Much snack food was eaten, lots of coffee and bottled water drunk and I left Filmhouse for the final time late Sunday night after the closing film; Cabin In The Woods is worth an individual mention as the only truly mainstream offering (with people in it that others may have heard of) and is likely to be of particular interest to Buffy fans thanks to the involvement of Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, being mainstream, much-hyped and not on general release until the thirteenth the showing was looking busy, so being the organised type I dutifully arrived at the auditorium door in good time to secure a top seat (front third, middle) forgetting the golden rule that in the event the film turns out to be the sort of cringingly embarrassing dreck of which even the people responsible for Hollyoaks would have the good grace to look ashamed (dull, one dimensional, pitiably try-hard and about as funny as dogshit on a wedding dress – I suspect those in the chair permitted it to be pre-screened only to people who were sleep deprived, on the end of a festival buzz and/or drunk) it’s nigh on impossible to get out, hotfoot it back to the hotel and leave them to it. And guess what…

Fortunately I had discovered not only a shiny new Wagamama but a place round the corner selling chips with curry sauce and was feeling benevolent, but honestly, save your money and watch a box set instead. Still, one fetid stinker in over three days of lovely new features, classics, shorts and some fab animation is about as good an outcome as anybody could hope for (especially if that anybody also sat squirming through the whole of the execrable American civil war zombie flick Exit Humanity at Leeds, lest we forget) and whilst CITW was an hour and forty minutes of my life I’ll never get back, there were highlights aplenty (which I won’t bore folk with any more here, but do feel free to ask). This year’s full programme is here.And I promise I’ll stop now. Easter is almost upon us, and whilst I’ll be around most of the weekend I will not be available on Sunday although normal service will be resumed on Monday, and as I’m now in Scarborough for a full three weeks (give or take) there ought to be ample opportunity for catch-ups! Availability in London at the end of the month is dwindling steadily – my first port of call will be a new venue a few minutes’ walk from Victoria station for a change, so to anybody for whom Waterloo is a bit of a trek, bear it in mind!

More soon, once have settled back in and am no longer wondering what everybody I see would look like as The Risen Undead. Bahahahaha…

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