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By amy ~ April 11th, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

A belated Happy Easter to all!

Having spent a relaxing rest-of-the-week after returning from Edinburgh doing as little as possible bar catching up on odds and ends I decided to make myself properly useful over the weekend, tackling aquarium filters (cleaned) and lights (replaced), the mending pile (mended), the recycling (shredded, bagged, bottle-banked) and afterwards decided on a couple of hours hanging around the pool, sauna and steam room reading the more sensible Sunday papers by way of reward. Not being much of a chocolate person, a fairly solid brunch and a nap rounded off the weekend, although the distinct lack of anything interesting in the way of Easter films was a bit of a disappointment.

One thing I found out this week film-wise is that I was not alone in my disappointment at Cabin in the Woods; having swapped emails with fellow fan Alan Simpson of SexGoreMutants (which I ought to point out is a horror site rather than the synopsis of my last outcall to Whitby) after seeing his review here from the DBD screening I was relieved to find I wasn’t losing my marbles – I mention it again since the trailer (which gives the entire plot away anyway, such as it is) is becoming endemic on the television and I would hate anybody to waste hard cash on it whilst the UK’s streets still boast lovely takeaways, pubs and betting shops (and also litter bins, which to be honest would be a comparatively worthwhile way to jettison seven or eight quid).

Scarborough is as busy as one would expect during the first major school holidays of the year – for those visiting in the remainder of the week (and normal service is very much resumed for those booking in good time) please do allow a little extra time for traffic and parking; the weekend is liable to be the worst of it. Having ventured apprehensively into Tesco last Thursday for the first Big Shop in a month or so thanks to the usual travels, I was extremely relieved to be packed and out in less than two hours (although less so to be £80 lighter) and replete with a fridgeful, I headed for home to sit out the thick of it for the weekend over porridge, my current Kindle must-read and an ever-growing To Do list for the couple of weeks left before the Next Big Trip.

In order to clear up a bit of confusion (my fault entirely, but I still haven’t quite worked out the best way to advertise multicentre London visits), I will now be travelling on Tuesday 24th, arriving at lunchtime and staying at a delightful hotel a few minutes’ walk from Victoria Station for two nights before moving on to my usual Waterloo digs on Thursday lunchtime – Thursday morning appointments are available up until 12 noon or so, and Thursday afternoon will be Waterloo from around the same time depending on everybody else (if the gap does wind up smallish, a swift, be-stockinged dash across town in a black cab is nothing I’ve never done before and it’s only a few minutes away, after all). I will be arriving in Jersey on Sunday, and Guernsey on Tuesday – availability for all is steadily disappearing and London in particular is down to the last few appointments; one left each on Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th as we speak. I am also planning a long overdue catch up with Kinky La Rue, a trip up to Kentish Town as the ECP launch their Rights Sheet on May 3rd (of which more in due course) and an evening off to take myself and my shiny new member’s card on a trip to the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern, hopefully followed by a kebab (pros and cons to be weighed up on the night).

As far as the next ten days or so go, I will be at home working my way industriously through the aforementioned list but will be available for advance bookings until Saturday 21st – get in touch! And not to forget; the super-vigilant may well have noticed already but my working hours have changed slightly to allow for alterations in my Scarborough schedule – the new ones can be seen here (there’s not a huge difference, rather a bit of a reshuffle to allow for more yoga and some Aqua Zumba, amongst other things). As ever, email is the way to go.

To London, Jersey and Guernsey – not long now! Likewise Belfast and Dublin – phew. For the minute though it’s back to domestic bliss, with reheated leftovers, the end of year accounts and washing all the net curtains. Anybody intending to accuse me of glamourising prostitution (again) may want to wait for another week.

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