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By amy ~ May 31st, 2012 @ 11:46 pm

Further to my previous post I am extremely relieved to report that I have finally arrived and am nicely settled (if a little chilly) in Inverness – yay! I have learned several useful things over the last 24 hours, the most pertinent being If In Doubt, Fly (others being to not try and do Zumba in proper running shoes, that the fishes new treat of choice is a bit of strawberry (no seeds) and my personal favourite, that I now fit into a size ten dress in New Look).

I have been here once before briefly, and fortunately remembered my way round straight away – my first impression on my inaugural arrival was one of slight disappointment at the notable lack of red-haired, kilted burly types wandering the streets (having inexplicably confused Inverness with Brigadoon, I think) but I still had a lovely time, and a return was long overdue – the distance being the problem. Today’s jaunt, with hiccups, has taken seven minutes short of nine hours. Yowser.

As previously mentioned, I was heading north of the border anyway for an exciting assignation in Edinburgh over the weekend, and having noticed the lovely Laura Lee was visiting here earlier in the week, the standard two-birds-with-one-stone maxim was applied and here I am! I have made some charming new friends already, the enthusiasm of the Highland gentlemen has not diminished in the slightest over the twelve months or so since I last left and despite the best efforts of one Rhoda Grant, I would hope not much will change there – it would be a dreadful shame.

For those who remember the fragrant Trish Godman’s crusade but were unaware of the latest attempt to deprive Scotland’s punters of their pastime, Scotland-based (and Scotland-visiting) working ladies of their livelihood and generally see that the country becomes a place where the powers that be decide why adults will or will not be permitted to have consensual sex and with whom, I will extrapolate next time when I’ve had more than three hours sleep and not been up for the following seventeen. In the meantime, Laura is running the Race For Life this Sunday to raise money for SCOT-PEP, who need every penny to fight these proposals all the way (again). Please help by making a Paypal donation here. I’m sadly missing this years since I won’t be in Scarborough, so anybody who had planned a contribution and was wondering what had happened to that idea, that is the link you need…

Availability-wise, there is a bit of a gap tomorrow afternoon, and a couple in the evening but otherwise that’s all, folks! Normal service will be resumed in Scarborough on Monday; Wednesday and Friday are spoken for already but rest assured that unlike the taxis, locksmiths, plumbers and glaziers, to name but a few, I will not be trebling my prices for the celebrations and anybody feeling particularly exuberant is very welcome to get in touch.

More soon. Bedtime!

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