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By amy ~ June 10th, 2012 @ 4:32 pm

A brief update from the sunnier-than-yesterday Scarborough, where the last of the week’s half term visitors will by now be packing up and heading off and I have had a lovely relaxing week after my return from Scotland, riveted (unusually for me) to the delights of the television as first the Jubilee celebrations and currently the football play out to entertain all those who could do with a bit of a rest. Having multiple football matches a day (plus highlights) to watch is one of my favourite biennial treats, and needless to say I will be home on Friday in good time to settle down in front of the afternoon’s England offering and ditto tomorrow, when I will categorically not be available between 5 and 7pm, although tomorrow being Liverpool I suspect nor will anybody else.

My lengthy journey back from Inverness, although less lengthy than the farcical journey there, along with a lively couple of days amidst the Highland punters and then spring cleaning the flat for the Jubilee (in case I’d ever doubted that I was my mother’s daughter – even the fishes were spotless before the Queen appeared on BBC1) left me with the desire to do nothing much bar gentle lounging and the usual gym classes, and this coupled with the dull and grey weather and little good light means that the new pictures are not yet done – sorry! I will instead be gathering my kit up and making the most of my mini-suite in That London next week, where hopefully a sunny day and some suitable backdrops can be found and assuming that a bit of free time can be engineered, we should be in business. New kit has even been bought; partly out of necessity as some well-loved bits no longer fit me and partly because I just like online shopping, and needless to say it will be coming along with me too!

London obviously is a week away and filling up fast, and I will setting off first thing tomorrow for an overdue return to Liverpool and then the Isle of Man, one of my favourite mini-trips of all. I ought rightly to have been there this last week for the TT, having not realised until it was too late that it is necessary to book the hotel at least a year ahead to stand a chance of getting a room during race week – no such confusion next year, however, and I am very happy to report that the room for 2013 is now (in a particularly maverick display of forward thinking and ruthless efficiency) sensibly booked and all is organised – yay!

Back to the present moment, and Scarborough availability over the coming weeks will be scarce indeed – as some may remember, my Thailand holiday is now only a month away (I know) and I will only be around for ten days or so before that. I will update properly in the week, but for now it’s back to the packing – today’s early kick off is nary half an hour away, and I intend to be in front of it…

More soon x

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