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By amy ~ June 16th, 2012 @ 8:49 pm

I am briefly back on my comfy settee for just the next few hours having arrived home yesterday afternoon following a week of fun and frolics first in Liverpool, where the punters who turn up are overwhelmingly lovely, but the day and a half spent carefully staggering confirmation calls by ten minutes apiece to allow for the many who don’t was exhausting in the extreme, although not quite as exhausting as the downright mayhem in the Isle of Man, where I can only think that the previous week’s racing had got everybody in punting mood, or possibly just a little stir-crazy thanks to the road closures.

This admittedly came as something of a shock when rather then reclining comfortably in my room between appointments enjoying the sunshine, drinking camomile tea and eating all the free biscuits I spent most of Wednesday and the whole of Thursday jumping in and out of the shower, refilling and rearranging the work bits on the bedside cabinet and charging about trying to dress/undress without snagging my few remaining stockings – the pinnacle of the madness came when (having no time at all to wash my hair) I decided out of sheer desperation to buy a mini can of spray-on dry shampoo on my way back from the bank, the application of which resulted in a greying, badger-like appearance which had to be removed with a damp cloth (it was unarguably cleaner, in all fairness).

As can be seen from the pictures, Douglas is very pretty and I have never enjoyed (or needed) an early morning stroll on the beach (despite living above one) quite so much; I am happily looking forward to returning shortly, when this year (like last, and the occasion of my first trip to the island) it will be the turn of the Manx Grand Prix and it’s associated punters to provide the entertainment; fortunately really, since as enviably wonderful as the peace and quiet is, there is only so much time one can spend knitting a scarf, playing online Mah Jong or rereading American Psycho (actually there isn’t, although there is probably a limit to the amount of time it would be sensible to spend doing the latter). I will be back on the 20th August, and more organised this time – promise…

The glorious weather took a turn for the worse around 7pm Thursday evening, and the rest of the day’s activities were conducted to the sound of hammering rain and gale force winds – fortunately the gentlemen of the isle had done more than enough to wear me out and I slept like the very dead before heading for home first thing Friday morning, despite the best efforts of the Isle of Man bus service which inexplicably cancelled the 0759 and pushed the 0820 back to twenty five past, presumably to add excitement to what is otherwise (it has to be said) a singularly unexciting journey. Having caught the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it flight back to Liverpool with a scant ten minutes to spare and then the corresponding bus into town, I was exalted beyond belief to discover possibly the most useful street in the UK where a KFC, a McDonalds, a pub and a branch of LloydsTSB looked across at a shopping centre which almost certainly contained a Marks and Spencer, all situated around the corner from Lime Street station. Sadly, I forget what it is called.

Fortified by the second helping of the Colonel’s eleven herbs and spices in three days, I was back in Scarborough for half past three, suitcase emptied, sundries topped up, washing washed and I am currently packing it all back up again for tomorrow – phew! London awaits (and it seems like such a long time!) for my pre Olympic visit and I will once again be splitting my time between Victoria, which I rather like, and my more usual South Bank stomping ground – I will be around all week until Saturday morning when the newly-civvy Kinky la Rue and I will be having a day out, followed by a trip up to Hackney Marshes later on for That Big Free Music Weekend Thing where one of mine and the fishes very favourites Jay Z is on, amongst others – having considerable experience at such events and more tellingly, being likely twice the age of most of it’s attendees I have already packed in preparation a packet of Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers, tissues and antibacterial wipes (I will spare readers a photo montage of the toilets the week after) and, to my eternal shame, a plastic disposable poncho thing obtained earlier today from the pound shop. Or shame at least until the heavens open on the night and the hawkers instantly appear with exactly the same ones at a fiver each.

So, the week ahead is looking busy and hopefully entertaining – anybody wanting to come along and join in, get in touch! In particular, Monday night sees the public launch of Stop The Arrests, a campaign group formed to call for a moratorium on sex worker arrests, detentions and deportations during the London 2012 Olympic games – information and petition if you follow the link. I will be attending, and will bring news next time.

More soon! Fingers crossed that the summer weather comes back just for a few days


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