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By amy ~ October 9th, 2013 @ 10:23 pm

yorkoctA briefer-than-intended update due partly to a busier than expected week (and apologies to those in Carlisle who were left hanging, so to speak, when unforeseeable events caused me to depart slightly earlier than planned) and mostly to the acquisition of my latest free Netflix month, during which I have resolved to get through the remainder of Breaking Bad in it’s entirety (a series which as anybody who has seen it will be aware, is on a par with the crystal meth sustaining it’s key characters in terms of addictiveness but far better value for money in terms of entertainment).

York beckons for the remainder of the week – yay! Friday in particular is filling up nicely and it will be a nothing-short-of-delightful change to arrive at a hotel not already worn out from the journey (which is sort-of part-of the point, after all). Even the weather looks promising for the next few days (the onset of Autumn being one of my favourite times of year apart from the immense amount of time I waste annually trying to decide whether or not to take a coat) and the time to relax and hibernate is here in terms of planning at least; all awaydays up until the New Year are organised and some beyond too – New York in February springs to mind (note: definitely take a coat) and returns to Belfast, Ireland and London are all on the list too. But not just yet…

The rest of October will be spent pottering about, making comforting things with suet (sorry, WeightWatchers) and otherwise ambling on in Scarborough bar the Frightfest allnighter weekend on the 26th/27th, which will be spent in turn asleep on the National Express, at the Vue West End, eating too much breakfast at the Delaunay and asleep on the National Express again (with a possible diversion to see Paul Klee at the Tate Modern before embarking). It’s important to have a plan, especially when you’re sleep deprived, horror-fatigued and have an extra hour to play with.

So, last packing to do, sausage roly-poly nearly ready and the final bit of Series 3 before bedtime. See you in York!

More soon…

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