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By amy ~ October 20th, 2013 @ 4:29 pm

homeautumnSo, a week or so on I can report that (and thanks in no small part to it’s many enthusiastic punters) York was a resounding success – yay! This is despite what more diplomatic folk would probably call ‘hotel issues’ (read: toothgrindingly slow and overpriced wifi, worse mobile signal and mattresses harder than a granite worktop – and my worktops don’t have a prominent, lumpy join down the centre enabling a height differential of 0.36″ to be maintained, or I wouldn’t have paid for them). And not a complimentary in-room transparent-wrapped biscuit in sight. Not impressed.

I will certainly be back (the novelty of being able to pack, check out of my digs and be back in my own living room drinking tea barely an hour later has still not worn off), but in the meantime the last vestiges of late summer have definitely left the building and after having to draw the curtains not long after 5pm today, the thought of leaving the apartment at all is less than inviting and another week of cosy hibernation avec more home baking, Netflix and my beloved fishes (easily pleased and quite happy with some fuss and a bit of banana) beckons.

I have scattered incall appointments this week in Scarborough until Thursday followed by the Frightfest all-nighter next weekend, recovery from which will render me unavailable until Tuesday 29th when along with Wednesday 30th a handful of incall appointments will again be available – mail me for details! Then that’s all until I finally get back to Cork on Sunday 3rd, a long overdue trip I have now been looking forward to for weeks and even more so now after half an hour or so spent wrestling with Escort Ireland’s shiny new (and nothing short of bizarre) ‘verification’ scheme, apparently designed to make giving them our money as difficult and complicated as possible whilst still leaving the ground wide open for anybody with cognitive power beyond that of the average bivalve to make it up as they go along. As did I, naturally.

London follows on the 13th, and a briefer visit (just this once) since I will be doing my usual week long Christmas trip in mid-December – woohoo! But no need to worry about any of that just yet. New photos are on their way shortly, after I mistakenly deleted the ones I took in Ireland (I know) and before that it’s full steam ahead, at least as far as the fridge.

More soon. The kettle is boiled, my cake has nearly cooled down, and I’m halfway through Series 5.Scarborough-20131020-02030

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