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By amy ~ January 30th, 2014 @ 8:20 pm

goingtoinfeb2014After a nice relaxing week (with occasional interjections of activity, but thanks to my number being absent from my Adultwork profile and the tireless support of good old Call Blocker Pro, the numpty-calls have been reduced to an entirely manageable level) I am now properly settled into being forty one and ‘in my forties’ rather than just ‘forty’ (much duller) and have celebrated with a spot of last-gasp sale shopping (yay), a trip out to see American Hustle again and a good watch of my new Breaking Bad box set, at least until I got midway through the second series and found that the third disc was missing (fortunately the replacement arrived in under 48 hours – kudos, Amazon).

Preparations for New York next week continue apace, and those who (like me) have been following the local weather will have spotted that it’s looking cold even for we who live a few hundred yards from the North Sea; needless to say, some seriously unglamorous underwear is being packed up for next week along with the requisite frillies, UGGs (I know, but they’re warm) and individually wrapped tea bags carefully hoarded from Hotel Stays I Have Previously Enjoyed (they don’t have any tea in New York hotels, let alone decent tea). A quick wave to any Manhattanites reading, too!

NY availability is steadily dwindling and the suitcase is steadily filling, but only tentatively, given that my connecting flights to and from are courtesy of Ryanair whose excess baggage fees (even after being halved last month) could politely be described as …no actually, they can’t be politely described. I will be available in Scarborough until this Saturday only, Monday being spoken for already, and whilst there’s no saying I won’t be able to fit the odd visitor in on the very few occasions I’m home in February, it’s worth assuming that I will be persona non grata now until mid March at the earliest – Cork and York (ha) have just been added to the hitlist too, for the benefit of those in the People’s Republic who might be partial to a bit of pre-St Patricks Day skiving celebrating!

London, meanwhile, is sneaking up on us – as some have already spotted I will be down in Waterloo on the 14th and 15th for anybody who fancies a spot of Valentine R&R (for those already sending enquiries please be patient as I may not get to them straight away, at least from Monday); and it’s shaping up to be an exciting month! I will however be knackered, airport-fatigued and likely a bit back-achey after having spent forty hours or so of the coming month sitting on planes, and it’s probably a good job I’m a short arse. Yikes.

Back to the time of writing and the tax bill is sorted, the fridge is to be run down over the weekend and all is cosy until it’s time for the off – a couple of appointments remain each on Friday and Saturday and that’s all folks! Next report will be from a different time zone, weather permitting, anyway!

More soon…offtonewyork

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