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By amy ~ September 9th, 2014 @ 1:01 pm


And a quick if belated update now I’m back from Birmingham – yay!

It’s been a fairly tiring few weeks even with FrightFest – the demands of sitting in a cinema seat for four and a bit days cannot be underestimated, and the move to a new venue made it no less gruelling despite it remaining my favourite holiday, and I even caught a glimpse of Robert Englund as he was bustled by the security folk from door to screen to VIP room and back. In the event, I was far more starstruck to unexpectedly find myself in the presence of British/Northampton institution Alan Moore and cursed myself bitterly for forgetting my treasured copy of Killing Joke, or at least the Mark II/pink writing version I wound up with shortly after having to jettison my original first printing/green writing copy way back when in 1990 when I was skint; along with my 2000AD collection and most of my records it was either sell it or eat it.

I returned home with a very much above average goodie bag (with thanks to Arrow Video, whose new-ish showreel (below) was one of the quote-along trailer hits of the weekend). I predict my DVD collection will be growing.

And that’s it until next year! Fortunately Celluloid Screams (Sheffield), Day (and Night, if I can be bothered) of the Dead (Leeds), Grimmfest (Manchester) and Dead by Dawn (Edinburgh) as well as Glasgow FrightFest in February can keep me out of mischief in the meantime – yay!

Back at the ranch, and the New Incall plans continue to rumble along – further information is on the way (honest). I daresay we all know to never underestimate solicitors’ propensity to move at a glacial pace, but everything is going fine and I expect to be settling down to full time incalls here in Scarborough if not by the end of the month, no more than a week or so after that. Having just gathered the last three months’ rail tickets into a neat pile for the purposes of looking at my accounts for the next few days (and maybe even doing them before the weekend) and found myself faced with what looks for all the world like a deck of cards, enough is enough. Plus the weather’s definitely on the turn – compare pictures from a sun-filled outing to Peasholm Park only ten days ago where everybody grumbled about the heat with the view out of the window today – autumn is definitely in the post and thank God for that, if for no reason other than I can start thinking about dusting off my Belstaff sleeping-bag coat and UGGs and confidently carry an umbrella daily rather than have to worry constantly about whether I should have brought one.


With a very entertaining dash to Birmingham and back last week (not to mention what will go down as one of the great hotel buffet breakfasts of all time, and very nearly didn’t leave me room for donuts from the van outside the Bullring), this week and next continue along current Scarborough lines – phone is off, and peace and quiet reigns. London follows on the 22nd, and a welcome return to my very favourite corner of the South Bank where I will be keeping company just for a couple of days – the next visit will be at the start of November on my way home from finding out what New York is like on Halloween, amongst other things. Going on previous form, the umbrella will definitely be coming along.

More soon. Back to the IKEA shopping list…

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