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By amy ~ September 27th, 2014 @ 3:18 pm


Well I’ve been terribly lax once again, I know, but after an enormously tiring few weeks (and an even more chaotic one to follow shortly) I can now announce the provisional start date for the new Scarborough incalls will be Monday 6th October – yay!

The time since the last update has been spent packing up anything useful, clearing out for recycling anything which isn’t and donating or eBaying (with not inconsiderable success) the things which are useful, but not to me. I have found items I saw last when moving house, clothing I thought was long gone – my much-mourned black chenille hat that I was convinced I lost on an outcall to the St Pancras Novotel (as was) in 2008 being a highlight – and an inexplicable mountain of assorted (and almost entirely unused) sex toys from various online/Ann Summers shop sales which have all been packed up for recycling at  the very worthy sex toy recycling scheme known as Rabbit Amnesty, run by the nice people at Lovehoney for a few years now and handy for getting rid of all manner of small electronics which shouldn’t be binned but that nobody really wants to take to the local tip. In addition to creating drawer space and responsibly getting rid of hard-to-get-rid-of rubbish, points are awarded for every item sent including even a couple of old remote controls I found, three old routers and an old set of digital kitchen scales – yay!

Needless to say, the changes indicate a serious reduction in dashing around the land with my work suitcase on my back like a nomad – the last five or so years of being away from home and fishes almost two weeks out of every month exploring towns, cities and islands has been lots of fun for the most part, but the more expensive and tiring it gets, the less inclination I have to do it and I want to put my feet up for a bit. That said, Londoners won’t notice a thing – I’m not changing tack that much…

Obviously what can go wrong will in the meantime (if it hasn’t already, which shortens the odds somewhat) and nothing is cast in stone, but that’s the plan. I will be gradually editing the website, various directory profiles and other ads but the major changes are the clearest ones; same day availability for the first time in years, and opportunities for new visitors for the first time in a good few months! My new venue is central (very), cosy (OK, smaller) and discreet (winces, but at least I can spell the much-overused word properly) and the smell of paint will soon be gone. I’ll actually have more than two sets of clothes to choose from and as many towels as I want without having to phone somebody to ask for them, plus there’ll be special daytime rates to celebrate too – watch this space!

I did find chance last weekend for a liver-and-wallet-punishing day out at York Beer Festival complete with a kebab finish, and a run down to London a couple of days later by way of a break, partly as a cash-gathering mission (and a successful one too, with some charming new acquaintances made) and partly to pop up to the ECP and hear from the Canadian sex worker activists who successfully won a Supreme Court ruling to have the prostitution laws (and Canada’s were very similar to our own) repealed, and how the fight to have this implemented is going now the spectre of the Nordic model looms large. As far away as Canada may be, it’s one to watch (along with similar shenanigans from those just across the water in Northern Ireland, and not forgetting Ireland itself) and was all inspiring stuff (and from ordinary prossies too) but it had been a long day and I faltered a short while before the end, making haste back to the Northern Line for snails, sea trout and a spot of live jazz with Charlotte at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec before bedtime. Recommended.

As far as this week goes, there’s nothing much to report – the phone is off (and I do mean off) and will be back on possibly towards the end of the week, but more likely from Monday morning on the 6th. If anything does cause a massive trip-up, you’ll see it here first.

Fingers crossed for next week! And to the ever-patient local folk, see you soon…


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