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By amy ~ July 20th, 2015 @ 11:56 am


Monday morning again, and today brings something of a mini anniversary in that it was on this very day last year that I first came along to see my flat after spotting it on Rightmove, or the outside of it at least – I still have the photos in my phone!

As most know, it was definitely a move for the good, and the neverending hours which twelve months ago would have been spent scouring the internet for hotel deals, cheap flights and advance train tickets in between traipsing inbetween the ones I’d already booked can now be spent doing far less tiresome planning now I have the extra free time – August brings Summer Screen (work trip by day, outdoor cinema by night) then my regular Bank Holiday horrorthon with FrightFest at the end of the month, with possible but unlikely mini-availability depending on how much I’ve spent on food by the second day.

To continue the theme, this year I’ll be following it a few weeks later with Manchester’s Grimmfest, the pass bought last Friday for the less than extravagant sum of sixty five quid – fairly stupendous value considering there are only six available film slots fewer than at FF (which instead has over three times the number of actual films, but until I find a way to wirelessly disengage one eye and install it in another room, no possible way of watching them all).

Further still along the line but also in Manchester, I snagged a ticket not only for the Prodigy, but Public Enemy, who along with the Beastie Boys were responsible for a significant chunk of the soundtrack to my teenage years (and I have no doubt that my long suffering mother could still remember all the words to Fight The Power – also found in Do The Right Thing, which I have a Summer Screen ticket for on August 14th – if she put her mind to it). Only one ticket was required, since both are on the same bill, on the same night – handy (especially in Manchester, where it rains a lot).


When I first spotted this whilst bobbling about on everybody’s favourite online touts Ticketmaster (‘Would you like your tickets by post or by post? Post costs £5.95 and we cannot guarantee delivery of your tickets. Ticket insurance costs £3.95‘ – etc) I’ll admit to wondering who was supporting who which does nothing more than show my age, but I refuse to believe I was the only one just as I refuse to believe that any more than ten percent of the ticket holders will be under forty, which for the Prodigy – the only band I’ve ever broken bones dancing to, some twenty three years ago – seems incongruous, to say the least. I may take a booking or two in Manchester beforehand. It will be as much as I can do to dress myself and stagger back to Piccadilly station in the morning after-hand.

Prior to that, a few days in New York. Almost certainly. But it’s too early to post dates and details and I’m trying not to get excited just yet. All dates – home and away – will be added to the page in due course including the annual Christmas London trip, which is moving.

For now, it’s the start of the school summer holidays which generally sends everybody else charging off to the airports and means a lazy and comfortable time for those of us staying firmly put. Or me anyway, at least – I will be in Scarborough for the duration right up until the 13th of next month and whilst a few necessary jobs are getting done, I don’t plan to let much get in the way!

So now that the next four months are organised I think it’s probably time to put the kettle on and decide what I’m going to do for the rest of the week. This time last year it was a trip to the estate agents, and that turned out just the way I wanted, after all.

More soon…

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