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By amy ~ August 11th, 2015 @ 9:33 pm

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Well the anticipated quiet week never materialised thanks largely to the cricket, but a fine time was had by all and thanks to the resultant onslaught the even-more-anticipated New Boiler has finally been installed at the flat! And thank God for that (not least because it gave me a rest and a chance to spend a couple of days curled up on the couch watching box sets).

The intervening down time has been filled with some more sprucing up around the place and more is to come, but nothing that will get in anybody’s way. The toolbox has been put back under the counter for the time being and it’s a busy few weeks approaching; after a month or so of wafting gently between flat, home, beach and cafés depending on the weather, some different scenery and purposeful movement is definitely called for.

Thankfully, to this end, London is looming on the horizon for what may prove to be the last time before Christmas (bar FrightFest, which is fast approaching over the Bank Holiday weekend and may or may not include a bit of pre-carnage morning availability) and a fabulous location beckons; I will be over in Waterloo from Friday for the first time since April – yay! As previously mentioned, evening availability will be limited as I will be spending three of the five nights on the cobbles over at Somerset House, but days are all fine and I will be about until midday on the Wednesday before heading for home.

Also coming along will be my favourite new toy – the Nutribullet! I realise how the first part of that sentence was likely to be interpreted (on Adultwork, anyway, but as most folk know, oddly coloured plastic penises hold no particular interest for me and I’m not about to start pretending they do for the purposes of maintaining the site’s status quo); however, whilst far be it from me to become excitable over faddy kitchen gadgets, the mega-hyped mega-blender has more than earned its place in the London luggage, tirelessly churning out (mostly) khaki coloured but very lovely sludgy drinks every day and mercilessly pulverising everything I’ve decided to have a go with so far including almonds, cashews, raw carrots, frozen cherries and blackcurrants as well as massive handfuls of green stuff without complaint or *cough* leakage.

I can report (now ten days in) that there’s an real and insufferable smugness to be had from knowing that it’s 9.30 in the morning and you’ve already eaten half a pound or so of kale, a bowl of porridge and a big dollop of pumpkin seeds without having to chew any of them, and a definite feeling of having met one’s responsibilities (followed quickly afterwards by the even better feeling of having carte blanche to eat anything and everything you like for the rest of the day, having been so disgustingly virtuous at early doors). That said, my favourite mix so far involved a banana, milk, Horlicks, maple syrup, peanut butter and a single ginger snap. A shot of Captain Morgan’s wouldn’t have done any harm, either.

Nutribullet and I will be here in Scarborough for a couple of days yet, and then back in business on Thursday 20th for one week. As mentioned, FrightFest beckons on the 27th and I will be happily holed up in my carefully selected seat at the Vue West End until the following Tuesday – woohoo! Also planned for the Bank Holiday weekend are my long-awaited trip to the Kings Cross pond, luxury breakfast at the Wolseley for a treat and a nice long stroll from Kings Cross to Leicester Square on the Friday morning, assuming the tube strike goes ahead.

More soon! Londoners, will see you there. Scarborough – back next week…


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