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By amy ~ August 27th, 2015 @ 11:29 am


And after a week of trying and failing to find time for a proper post, it’s a very hurriedly thrown together update instead to confirm that I was there, then I came back, and now (as planned) I’m on my way there again!

London, that is. All things considered it’s been a busy couple of weeks, with some welcome punctuation by way of three trips over to Somerset House’s Summer Screen, firstly for Do The Right Thing and managing to dry off eventually after an ninety minute downpour before the start which sorted the wheat (unmoving, defiant, eating wet sandwiches) from the chaff (bailed after less than an hour, probably cursing when the rain stopped ten minutes after the film started); my old parka that I used to wear for work on the market back in the day held up admirably when further covered with a plastic poncho and pretty much had to, since it was the only thing approximating a coat in the flat when I woke up on the morning of departure an hour before my train to a monsoon and whilst I’d normally have planned my arrival outfit at a plush hotel a little differently, it did me proud.

I was back – this time with dry sandwiches and a hotel shower cap just in case – for the True Romance/Warriors Saturday double bill (to anybody who’s forgotten how good TR is, don’t leave it too long to remember), and then West Side Story under the stars on my last night – yay! My back didn’t thank me for spending three out of six evenings lying about on a stone courtyard, but such is life. I also managed to rile a handful of folk who mistakenly thought that if I’d come to London to work I should not be permitted to do anything else. Bless. That’ll save me some time on screening when I next get back to Waterloo.

In the intervening week I’ve also spent my first Saturday afternoon this season watching Scarborough win 1-0 (which also occasioned the first pie of the season but not yet the first Bovril, a milestone normally occurring around the start of November), had an impromptu run over to Manchester to drink champagne and eat barbecue and been treated to dinner at the Lanterna by the very lovely Niki Adams of the ECP, who was passing. But more of that another time. Fast forward to Right Now, and we’re a few hours off the leviathan that is FrightFest – as some will have noticed, I will be around first thing at my Kings Cross digs for the next few days since the films don’t start until 10.30ish and bar tomorrow when a trip to the Kings Cross pond is in the offing instead, anybody wanting to visit early doors is very welcome! That said, the phone will be resolutely off (on pain of being thrown out and barred, entirely rightly given the cost of the passes) from roughly 10am daily for the films and thus texting or (better) emailing is definitely the way to go.

The FrightFest Film Timetable is made, edited, rejigged and printed – twenty six films in four-and-a-bit-days is punishing stuff and I will be observing National Burger Day accordingly later on by way of fortification, not least because I have a 20% off voucher for Honest Burger. I will be back in Scarborough Tuesday afternoon and normal service will be resumed next Wednesday, and for the whole month too!

Back to this weekend; my planned long walk tomorrow morning was cancelled along with the tube strike, and all is well on track – anybody up early the next few days, get in touch!

More soon…


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