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By amy ~ January 7th, 2017 @ 3:02 pm

…and back to work we go, after a lovely few days spent cosy on the big settee catching up on the Christmas films missed whilst away and busy-busy last week, not least with trips to the Museum of London, Borough Market for supplies and a special evening out to see Lazarus at the Kings Cross theatre which I would gladly recommend to anyone. And I am resolutely not a theatre person.

Also on the itinerary was an outing to the new Lego store at Leicester Square, only to be thwarted when it turned out to have five lanes of queue just to get through the door. I did manage to get a look through the window, and as a lifelong Lego fan a return is definitely on the cards when I’m back at the end of the month, more than likely teamed with a night at the pictures to see the Trainspotting sequel (thoughtfully released just after my birthday and pretty much guaranteed to be on everywhere). If anybody with better timing or just more patience than me has actually been inside, I am officially green with envy.

A bare thirty nine hours or so into the New Year I did manage to get and stay perpendicular for long enough to watch the mighty Scarborough Athletic beat Goole 2-0 and somehow without getting frostbite, despite the kiosk having catastrophically run out of Bovril. Almost a whole week in now and things are settling back to normal, the decorations are back in the loft (and thanks to Henry’s sterling efforts the carpet is entirely without bits of tree) and a gentle time beckons; tomorrow in particular marks what would have been David Bowie’s seventieth birthday and respects will be paid no doubt with help from the folk at 6Music, my go to station and unofficial guarantors of at least two Bowie songs an hour even on a normal day. This week last year was not a good one and that’s a fact, so I’m making no concrete plans at all for the next few days. We’ll see.

My turn for the birthday precisely two weeks after the man himself’s – yay! Another update at some point before that amid the January coldness; thankfully everywhere that needs to be is warm and whilst the leftovers are getting a bit sparse now, there’s still enough to keep me occupied for now, at least. A few changes are afoot too, and not least the oft-promised new pictures – more of that soon! My progress with the new phone is, well, progressing (and huge thanks to the kind gentleman in Pimlico who showed me how to answer it when somebody rang after two full weeks of being completely unable to figure it out by myself).

Song of the Week follows some more terribly sad news over Christmas, but will hopefully help to keep the cold out! I remember queuing in Woolies to buy this one (and believing the video below to be possibly the most glamorous thing I had Ever Seen Ever). May George Michael, a thoroughly nice bloke, rest in peace.

Being the weekend, B&Q beckons (well, obviously). More soon…

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