forty four!

By amy ~ January 21st, 2017 @ 6:10 pm

It’s that time again, or nearly anyway – the traditional birthday blog is a day early thanks to tomorrow’s newly planned activities (the original plan of staying in bed all day binge-watching Detectorists and finishing off the last of the Christmas chocolate has been postponed to next weekend) and since I’ve not got round to a mid month update I’m best just getting on with it.

A bit of research has told me that tomorrow’s birthday means I’m joining the forty four year old ranks of Cameron Diaz, Eminem, Zinedine Zidane and Idris Elba, which if I was a dinner party person rather than just a dinner person probably wouldn’t be such a bad lineup, plus I’d be the youngest. January 22nd is also the day that US President Harry Truman set up the CIA in 1946 (seventy one years later the best outcome we can hope for is that their newest incumbent makes it through the next twenty four hours without starting a war) and in 1973 itself whilst I was making my way into the world in Edinburgh, George Foreman beat Joe Frazier in the second round of the Sunshine Showdown to become the world heavyweight champion. I daresay the Jamaican location was enjoying a lot more sunshine than we had in Leith at the time (and there’s a song in there somewhere!)

Back to the present and the last couple of weeks has seen a fair bit of chopping, changing and dashing about, a couple of trips to the pictures (and another in the pipeline tomorrow since La La Land has finally arrived in Scarborough – yay), some bitter disappointment at the complete and abject failure of Thundersnow to put in even a brief appearance (booo) but everything is settling into the usual winter routine and the first London trip of the year is fast approaching! I will be back in Waterloo for what seems like the first time in ages which after five months it really is – a few days in everybody’s favourite fabulous riverside hotel will be just the job and I’m very much looking forward to it, not least because I hope to finally get inside the new Lego shop.

It’ll certainly be the kiss of death for No Spend Week, an occasional exercise which discourages frittering – this week’s total spend was 41p on bananas, without counting the January tax bill – but then the act of boarding a train to London pretty much means the end of thrift and frugality, even for somebody so tight that she never travels without her own Weetabix. I can resume it when I get back. It’ll be like nothing happened.

Business as usual then the coming week bar possibly Monday depending on how I feel when I wake up and how cold it is – the responsibilities of gainful self-employment don’t come without their perks, right enough. And we have a lovely birthday song!

More soon! Time to make haste to the curry house, another reason why Monday could potentially be off the cards.

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