Pictures! Grimmfest! That London!

By amy ~ September 30th, 2017 @ 10:44 pm

And they’re finally here – some new pictures! These are courtesy of my enormously talented and patient friend KimberlyC who joined me in throwing ourselves to the serene and welcoming embrace of Huddersfield’s Titanic Spa last weekend for a bit of well deserved down time, as well as an impromptu take-it-in-turns photo session to make the most of both the relentlessly tasteful decor and also the decidedly advantageous position (from my POV at least) of actually having somebody to press the shutter button who isn’t a battery operated device. And thank God for that.

A swim plus some heat, steam & a special restorative mudbath later and we were all set to prance around in lingerie and heels, strike a few poses and drag furniture hither and yon for as long as we had some daylight. I’m aware I reneged on one assurance – not only was there a complete absence of hairbrush (as anybody looking can see for themselves) but in all the excitement there was no time even for a wash and tidy up so as is generally the way, the clumpy, wiggly and sticky-outy bits – replete with dried pool water and little bits of mud – were left to do their own thing. At least nobody can claim the images aren’t representative.

Above is an example for anyone interested in How To Make Pictures; the original complete with pile of unrelated oddbods in the corner (yes, that’s a Boyes bag) to the left and the light adjusted, colour and saturation filtered (a bit) and cropped (so now minus a Boyes bag but sadly also some boobage, and less sadly the weird spike of shortish hair up on the top left) finished version on the right. And that’s how Picasa works!

I have a few more of the rough pics still to go through and I might well make some more of these but there are more photo-spa trips planned! Well, there’s no shortage of hotel spas, and winter’s on the way; as detailed last time, a fairly frenetic month is coming up even as I write with Grimmfest in Manchester hurtling up at the end of this week before an early doors dash home again first thing Saturday morning to get packed, prior to the mighty Boro’s chance to get their own back on South Shields in the FA Trophy fixture. Hopefully the Tuesday night replay after todays 2-2 draw with Stratford won’t wear anybody out too much (and fingers crossed anybody travelling to attend will enjoy singing the song about a pineapple as much as I did this afternoon).

Fish, chips, mushy peas and an early night prior to a similarly early start for Pimlico will be on the cards afterwards – it’s been far too long and the gentle leafiness will be very welcome indeed; just to keep us all awake I’ve planned a day over in the City too before leaving for home just to scope things out. My last on-the-way-back one dayer was a lot of fun if tiring, and it never hurts to have a change of scene, after all.

A brief update then, and a very fitting Song Of The Week to bring some cheer back after the stinging disappointment at my failure to get Prodigy tickets on Friday morning. Bugger it. Everything else is pretty fucking great.

More soon! For local folks not around before Thursday midday-ish, I’ll be back the following Thursday – hang fire. London folks, I’ll see you in a week…

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