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By amy ~ October 7th, 2017 @ 11:12 pm

I’m back! For a full twenty two hours, anyway…

Grimmfest continues in Manchester without me and was worth every penny despite the briefness of my stay; 68 Kill, Ruin Me and Better Watch Out (all titles I missed at FrightFest) were all well worth a look as was Poor Agnes first thing yesterday morning. I also got to poke around Selfridges, have a tram ride and eat so much in Wagamama that I resembled a hugely pregnant person and only just had enough room left for a couple of scoops of eyewateringly-priced Ben & Jerry’s at the Vue. Thank you, stretchy jersey dress.

Even the Dance Of The Illuminated Phone Screens which ruined GF for me the last time I went was largely absent, although my day pass did require my sitting closer to the front which probably helped. In the spirit of further improvement and to the organisers, who may or not be reading, I’d like to suggest that if a film has an extra bit (a twist, a deleted scene, even a silly outtake) after the ‘main’ ending, don’t shut off the sound the second the credits roll so you can stand up and talk over them about something else and make everybody miss it – in fact, maybe don’t stand up and start talking at all for a little while; the big giveaway being that if something, anything is still playing both on the screen and through the sound system, that means IT HASN’T FINISHED YET. And this was from a filmmaker at a film festival, for Joe Strummer’s sake. I think I’d rather put up with the phones – actually no, I wouldn’t.

Fun over and a very early start to dash back this morning; getting into gear for London was this afternoon punctuated with Scarborough’s FA Trophy preliminary against South Shields, which ended about as well as could be expected after the late night on Tuesday and some seriously tough opposition. We may have lost (and lost 5-2), but with six goals in the first half and Lord knows how many near-misses in the second, I couldn’t have been more knackered if I’d been on the pitch for ninety minutes myself, which all things considered probably wouldn’t have done any real harm. We’ll be concentrating on the FA Cup instead, then. Hey ho.

That all out of the way, the bags are packed and final bits (including this!) are being finished off before bed – I’ve been happy to hear that the new pictures have been a bit of a hit and it’s made for a busy week, although since the additional unedited, mostly makeup-free and generally downright unkempt selfie pics of recent weeks are proving popular too (at least as and possibly more than the proper pics even) here above is another from 2am-ish yesterday after the films! One of these days I’ll just open the door for a booking with my face scrubbed and maybe a dressing gown on (that’ll learn ’em), but not this week; Pimlico beckons and with a little pit stop over to the East on Wednesday before home time, I promise to try and stay presentable.

A quick recap then and to finish off, October’s first Song Of The Week. Without wanting to be trite (since this would have held its own just as well if I’d posted it a month ago) a hopefully fitting tribute to Tom Petty, without whom I suspect I wouldn’t have much of a record collection. Glorious.

More soon! And just on the off chance, if anybody wants to email and tell me what the extra end tag is after the first flush of credits in ‘Better Watch Out’, please do! Much appreciated.

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