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By amy ~ December 24th, 2017 @ 3:34 pm

It’s crept up fast!

The weeks have flown by, with the snow trying to put in another appearance (although with far less success than at the time of the last post), and I’ve had trips to see the Nutcracker from Covent Garden courtesy of the Stephen Joseph’s streaming programme, my regular trek to Brixton Academy for Gogol Bordello ten days or ago (supported by Lucky Chops, a bonus for anyone who enjoys a stageful of fine young men stripped to the waist and playing tubas and trombones, and why ever not?) and the usual tie-in London stuff; a ride out to the Natural History Museum for – finally – a look at the blue whale plus the ice skating outside and my perennial amazement at how big a giraffe actually is. Honestly, go and see the giraffe.

I also managed a leisurely trip back through town on the bus to see not just the Christmas lights but the magnificent scaffolding currently encasing Big Ben (well worth a look even for those with no particular interest in scaffolding) and a visit to Borough Market for cheese, brownies, sausages and a very expensive scotch egg; it’s worth pointing out that all this took place days before my official London arrival a week ago! A lot of fun was had then too, and almost entirely without leaving my hotel (which fortunately was very nice and extremely well appointed) thus it was in festive mood that I left, albeit a tired and seriously croaky one thanks to the bloody overheating and lack of window opening.

Back home and all the extra shopping trips to stock up on the sort of unholy junk I don’t get to eat for the other fifty weeks of the year (chocolates in big tubs, Pringles, three different kinds of ice cream) as well as tomorrows giant Sunday dinner, the carrying home of which nearly put my back out (ten pounds turkey + five pounds potatoes & assorted veg in one rucksack = stupid) are done, the twinkly lights are twinkling and Muppet Christmas Carol – mainstay of Christmas Eve veg preparation – is on in three hours (I’m counting); mince pies are next on the list and who knows, I may even get dressed. For those who want to know, I’ll be back on Friday 29th since unforeseen but determinedly spanner-throwing events will prevent my attendance prior – sorry! I’ll check emails when I can but the phone is and will remain off before then, although I’ll glance at it.

So as the darkness starts falling – after all, it is half past three in the afternoon – a very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year to everyone! And what better as our Song of the Christmas Week than a bit of Tom Waits…

And with that, back soon – and with a few exciting plans for 2018! Meanwhile, the Pringles won’t eat themselves.

All the best to all of us :)

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