better late than never!

By amy ~ January 13th, 2018 @ 11:37 pm

And it’s all long since over! We’re already almost midway into January and the afternoons are already getting noticeably lighter; the London train beckons in under twelve hours and most importantly my birthday is fast approaching. Nine days and counting…

I had said I’d be back in London before I knew it, and my relatively new Aldgate East abode will be home until Wednesday morning after a couple of seriously busy weeks here in Scarborough, not helped by my planned return just after Boxing Day being thwarted by the Cold Of The Decade which reduced me to a shivering mess and forced me back to bed in the least fun way possible for three whole days. I was back on my feet just in time for New Years Eve, whereupon I managed to trip over them on my way home and land on my knee following an afternoon of cleaning and tidying at the flat without a drop of alcohol being involved and after a cliffside run that morning which took in every conceivable bit of narrow, uneven, potholed and mud/wet-leaf strewn path imaginable without a wobble. Curse those straight, flat and properly maintained pavements.

Thankfully the bruises have almost gone and the January is off to a flying start in all respects; even the tax return is done! The freezer is replete with curry-perfect turkey and half a ham that I was too bloody ill to deal with in December, yet more home (and flat) improvements are being ticked off the neverending list – not least a couple of exciting IKEA flat packs to be dealt with – and I will be back on home turf on Thursday to start cracking on with all of the above. For those who’ll miss it this time I’ll be back in London even sooner than expected on February 4th; the London Winter Run takes place at 9.30am and I (along with some 20,500 others) will be on it for a razz around some of the sights before heading indoors for huevos rancheros and a hot bath at one of my very favourite Waterloo hotels, where I will be hanging about for a few days after. Woohoo!

So the first blog of the year is out of necessity a brief affair; the bags are packed, the fridge is neat and free of the usual eat-it-before-you-go-or-throw-it-out oddbods and my first train journey of 2018 awaits in a few hours! Not really a landmark moment in itself, but it segues straight into the years’ first king size sausage roll from the concourse pasty shop at York Station which is well worth at least a passing mention in the diary. I will remember it fondly (and am trying not to think about it now when I need to go to sleep).

Song Of The Week is somewhat inappropriate and certainly well overdue, but there’s never any good reason to miss out on a bit of Abba. Happy New Year!

More soon. To the Londoners, see you tomorrow…

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