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By amy ~ April 16th, 2018 @ 8:41 pm

Well the East Coast main line anyway, for the annual run up to Edinburgh and Dead By Dawn – yay! Four and a bit days of settling down in the dark to get through a couple of dozen new and not so new (the special screening of 1922’s Nosferatu with live piano on Thursday evening will possibly be the oldest film we’ve had at any festival I’ve sat through) and living on Wetherspoon breakfasts, Meal Deals from the Sainsbury’s Local round the corner and the odd Nando’s plus the gruelling 12 noon until (this year) 4.45am Saturday schedule which I always try to stay awake through, never manage it and then promise myself I’ll pick the films to sleep through next time so I don’t miss the others (and then never do that either).

This year is slightly different, however, and as the not-particularly eagle-eyed will have already spotted, I will be arriving a little earlier than usual and setting up camp for a spot of entertaining! Quite how the weekend itself will unfold I can’t say, although the DbD schedule is available – only on the FB page, sadly, so I won’t be linking to it – and I don’t foresee missing anything for any reason bar the one given above (and strictly speaking, I will still be in attendance in every way except the conscious). Wednesday from 4ish and Thursday until 6ish/ however, fill your boots! The phone will be on from 3(ish).

Spring has well and truly returned here just in time for me to be away for practically a fortnight; I will be home on Monday evening and around on Tuesday before dashing off to London on Wednesday 25th – phew! Aldgate beckons, as well as what promises to be the gig of the year at Brixton on the Friday night; it was certainly the ticket fluke of the year way back in October and I very much doubt The Streets will disappoint.

In other news (which is about to become an atrocious pun), the newsletter I’ve been promising to set up for about two years is back on track! The original problem of everything being marked as spam is hopefully dealt with and I’m about to make a sign up form to go overleaf; there will be no daily touting carpetbombing I promise, but for those who like a bit of an extra heads up before London trips, new pictures, changes of plan (including any unexpected technical hitches beyond my control) or just the odd selfie, that is where you sign. We don’t all have time to lurk around here waiting for updates (including some which it may be prudent to keep a bit more private) so whilst’s all a bit of a learning curve, I’ll do my best to keep it useful. I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but for God’s sake be sensible when you choose an email address.

And in the spirit of news, Song Of The Week! All those years of traipsing around the country for work and I never did get to Blackburn, Lancashire…

More soon, once I’ve climbed out from under the sandwich wrappers and got my sight back to normal. And met John Landis!

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