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By amy ~ April 23rd, 2018 @ 7:12 pm

And hot off the press to start with (well hot-ish), Scarborough Athletic are promoted! The dizzy heights of the Evo Stik Premier League are ours; it’s taken long enough but the mighty Boro will finally be back playing at the same tier as Scarborough FC would have been before it all went Pete Tong – it promises some interesting days out next season, and a fair few interesting Saturday afternoons at home too…

In the meantime and as I post, I’m hurtling back from Edinburgh where that’s it for another year – the 25th Dead By Dawn horror festival has been and gone and a lot of fun was had even if the on-screen programme couldn’t come close to matching my horror at finding out somebody has interfered with Irn Bru. Some things must surely be sacred, and even if my favourite Scottish thing after haggis didn’t make the list I’m pretty sure it was never intended as a health drink (and now every version including ‘original’ contains sweeteners, nor will it ever be) and instead of leaving well alone as the makers of Coke chose to do with – well – Coke, Irn Bru can sadly no longer be enjoyed as nature intended. Bastards.

Bitter (literally) disappointment aside, this years’ enthusiastic feature recommendations include is-it-really-horror-probably-not Dave Made A Maze, Kiwi haunted house documentary Spookers (which you can find on Vimeo, I think) and John Landis, by whom I can now legitimately say I have been directed (along with the rest of the DbD Saturday night audience) and who charmed us all to bits, rendering me embarrassingly starstruck with tales of smashing up cars for the Blues Brothers and the oft-twattish behaviour of Michael Winner. We also had a special Evil Dead 2 screening with accompanying sweeties (including candyfloss old-lady hair and a popcorn flavoured dismembered hand on a biscuit, all thanks to the lovely Annabelle from Conjurer’s Kitchen) and before all that I got to catch up with a handful of old friends and make some new ones too! Next year I’ll even try to book a hotel room where my phone works. Don’t ask….

I have roughly forty hours turnaround before heading back to Scarborough station’s Platform 3 and London – yay! Availability is steadily dwindling over in Aldgate and it’s looking like a busy trip, although hopefully not so busy that I miss the All Too Human exhibition again; a morning run up river to the Tate Britain is on the itinerary, so fingers crossed the weather holds. Fingers crossed also that I remember to take my membership card this time, since my supposedly practical phone screen grab of it never seems to bloody work – my trusty running belt will also be called into service on Friday night when the time comes to head for Brixton and ticket-of-the-year The Streets – woohoo! It’s been a long wait, and it’s shaping up to be a fun month alright, although I suspect I’ll be spending the whole of Sunday asleep and possibly most of Monday, too.

Back to the present and for Scarborough folk, tomorrow is the only day this week I’m here so I’d advise getting in early in the day if you’re about – if not, all will be back to normal next week, I promise. For Song Of The Week it’s only right and proper to celebrate another John Landis favourite which never leaves my Top Ten favourite films – the Saturday night screening of An American Werewolf In London and accompanying Q&A with the man himself will stay in my mental list of Most Fun Things That Have Happened for a long time yet. And the soundtrack is legendary.

More soon! It’s definitely going to be a good week…

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